{Top 5} Best Application to buy Cryptocurrency in 2021

Buy cryptocurrency

Best app to Buy Cryptocurrency:-Today everything has gone online. People who are interested in investment. Those people have started investing through the application. Due to which today the stock market and Cryptocurrency have become very dominant. Because there are two things in which people can earn countless money by investing money. But to invest in Online Cryptocurrency, you have to take the help of some application or the other. Meaning you have to take the help of anyone application to invest. Today’s our post is on such a topic. In today’s article, I will tell you which are the best applications to invest in Cryptocurrency?

By the way, investment in the share market and cryptocurrency has been going on in our India for many years. But very few people used to invest in all these. Because many people used to think that investing money in all these means wasting money.

Buy cryptocurrency

But from the day the Scam 1992 web series was released on Sony Live. After that like the share market and Cryptocurrency, all this caught fire. Everyone started growing fond of investing in the share market and Cryptocurrency.

But people were not getting any medium to invest in all these. Then the names of many online applications started appearing. In which people could easily invest in Cryptocurrency.

I do not mean to say that before the web series release, there was no investment in all this marketing. Or else people did not invest in these applications earlier. But when the web series came, people started increasing more interest in all these. But many people were not able to invest even thinking of investing.

Because how do they invest in cryptocurrency? There was no idea about it. After that, many applications came into the market and erased the distance between Cryptocurrency and people. But according to which the interest of the people increased in all these. Many Fraud Websites were started online.

So be careful with these things. And for this reason, today I will tell some such applications which will be the best for investing in Cryptocurrency. And also all the applications are Trusted.

Cryptocurrency has made many people millionaires and many millionaires today. But it requires good understanding and market research. Along with this, a good amount also has to be invested at a good time. But it remains a matter of investment.

Today, instead of telling you about investment in Cryptocurrency, today I will tell you about some special applications through which you can invest money in Cryptocurrency. And full details of those applications will be done here. So let’s get started.

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Best application to Invest in Cryptocurrency.

1. Coinswitch Kuber

I put the Coin Switch Cuber application in the first position because I find its interface quite amazing and very simple. Along with this, this application has the highest download on the Google play store.

The headquarters of the Coinswitch app is in Bangalore. This app is present on the Play Store with more than 1 crore downloads with 4.1 ratings. To use this too, you have to create a Demat account in it.

2. Wazirx

Initially, I started Cryptocurrency from Waxirx itself. But due to taking a little more tax in Wazirx, I left it and shifted to Coinswitch. But even today I invest in Cryptocurrency on Wazirx.

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The interface of this app is also very good. In this also to invest in Cryptocurrency, you have to verify with Government proof. You can download this app on the play store with 50 lakh downloading with 4.1 ratings.

3. Binance

Binance app is also one of the best applications to invest in Cryptocurrency. A few days ago Wazirx was bought by Binance. Binance is also present with 10 million downloads on the Play store with a very good rating.

Although I should have put this app at the top. Because it has a rating of 4.4 on the play store. And this is the perfect app to invest in all this Bitcoin.

4. CoinDCX

Coindcx Application is made only and only for investment in Cryptocurrency. With more than 6 million downloads, it is available on both the Play store and the App Store. But after reading some reviews, it came to know that its support is a bit bad. That’s why I have placed it in the 4th position. Per refer in coinDCX you are given 100rs. To invest here you have to create a Demat account in this also.

5. Coin Base

CoinBase app is also the best app for Investing in Cryptocurrency. This app is available to download on the play store with more than 1 crore 4.4 ratings. Coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Shib in Coinbase have been described in the name of this app itself. It turns out that this app is made for investing in Crypto only.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency from These Applications?

By now you have come to know about the best applications from which you can buy Cryptocurrency. But here I will guide you a little bit more about it. So that there is a little more information about investing money in all these applications.

Even you have come to know which application can be used to invest in Cryptocurrency. But you do not know how to invest in it? Meaning how can we invest money in Cryptocurrency through these applications?

However, this has become a different topic. Which we will talk about in detail in another blog post. But we share a little bit of information here with you. So that you can get detailed information related to investment in Cryptocurrency.

First of all, whatever application you like above. You can install it on your phone by clicking on the Play Store or the download link given above. After that, you have to signup in it with your phone number and Gmail.

Then you have to log in to your application by verifying the mobile number and Gmail. Now you have to create a Demate account in it. Meaning now your identity will have to be verified in it. About which you can take help from Google. To create a Demate account in this, you must have a Bank Account, Pan Card and Aadhar Card.

Only then you can create a Demate account. Then after creating a Demate account, those people will verify your proof. This may take a few hours or days. Then when all proof will be verified. After that, you will be completely ready to invest in Cryptocurrency. Then you have to deposit some money in that application. And which crypto is good. Have to buy it.

keep in mind-

Which mobile number and Gmail you will use in that application. That number and Gmail should be yours only. And you should always have both of them.

Otherwise, you may have to face problems with your money withdrawal. Also the adharcard and pan card you will send for proof. It is necessary to match the name of both the proofs with the name of the account.


This post is being written for the purpose of imparting knowledge only. This is not a sponsored post. Nor have we charged money from any application for promotion.

We have only mentioned the same application above which is legit and legal. Which application is completely trusted. That is why if there is any kind of problem with these applications. So you directly talk to the support of that application. Thank you


If you have a little understanding of Cryptocurrency. And you are interested in investment. So start investing in Cryptocurrency today with the help of any application mentioned above. The name of all the apps mentioned above. It is a Government Verified application.

I hope with this app you can invest in Cryptocurrency without any problem. If you have any kind of question in your mind or any kind of dought from this article. So you can ask by commenting below.

I hope you liked this article. And also do not forget to share this article with others through social media. So that if someone is thinking of investment, then one can start investing through the application mentioned in these Best App to Buy Cryptocurrency.

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