Best Way To Get More Views On Quora Answer. 2021 Proven Technique

Get More Views On Quora Answer

Best Way To Get High Views On Quora Answer Whatever question you answer on Quora. But your answer does not get many views. Despite this, you have answered a lot of questions. And only the selected number of views are coming to your answer. And you want to increase the views on your answer. So I will help you with this. If you are also looking for a similar post. So welcome to our post. In today’s article, I will tell you how you can increase the views of your answer on Quora, that too organically. So stay tuned till the last of this post.

Quora is a question and answer type of website. It can also be called Forum in a way. But this is not a forum. In this, only question and answer work is done on the entire website. “A few days ago, Quora had come out with a unique feature. Answer & Earn.

In which Quora would give you some reward if you got a lot of views and upvotes on your answer. For this, you had to first qualify for the Quora Partner Program. About which You can read it on the help page of Quora.

Get More Views On Quora Answer

When this feature was launched by quora, the curiosity of answering its user started increasing even more. So that more Views and Upvotes will be available on their answer. The more they will be able to earn.

Apart from this, there are many benefits to increase the views on your answer on Quora. But despite knowing this much, you answer many questions on the Quora platform. But your answer does not get Views. So there is nothing to be sad about it.

Because here we will tell you some Proven Technique. Which if you follow. So slowly the views on your Quora answer will start increasing. In today’s article, I will tell you 5 such techniques which will help you to increase views on Quora answer.

Along with this, what can be the benefits of increasing views on Quora answer? I will also tell you about this information because if your Quora answer starts getting good views. So you can generate a lot of revenue from this. So without any delay, let us know the technique of increasing views on your Quora answer-

Best Technique To Get More Views On Quora Answer.

1. Keep your starting line attractive.

Whenever you go to answer a question on Quora. So keep in mind that some of your starting lines should be absolutely catchy and attractive. Because according to a study, users start with about 200 words. If he likes 200 words, then he tries to read the article completely. Otherwise, it exits from there.

That is why you should start the answer in such a way that the user tries to read your answer completely. And as people spend more time on your answer. By the way, Quora will keep bringing your answer up for that question. This will bring your views even more. You can take the help of Google to make an attractive line.

2. Try to give long answers.

Always try to give a long way try to give a long answer to any question. Why do people stay on short answers for a short time? Due to which the chance of getting your Upvote goes down a bit.

And when you write a long answer. So you will be able to explain something better. Writing a long answer here does not mean that you bore the user in the process of writing a long answer.

3. Add an interesting image to your answer.

If you just put text in your answer. So no user will be able to read your entire answer. In such a situation, your answer will remain a bit boring type. So always use the image while answering your Quora question.

If there is no need to put any kind of image. Even then, you can use any guessing image like the one given below in the last. So that users can stop to see that image and read your answer. So that your views increase.

quora image fact

4. Always answer the question with more followers.

When you will answer such a question, the follower of the question is not at all. So by answering such a question, how can you expect that any views will come on your answer.

Make sure you answer those questions. The number of users who follow the question is more. So when you answer it. So the users following them will get notification of your answer. And in such a situation there will be chances of getting more views on your answer.

most followed question
Source- Quora

5. Try to Keep your answer completely on-page.

There is a saying on our blog page that whenever you write an article or a blog post, always write it by doing On Page Seo. In which your Headline, Internal Link will all be good for you.

That’s why Google Bot likes it. And the user enjoys reading that answer. And Google ranks our blog pages according to On-Page Seo. In the same way, you should also keep your answer full on-page. To write an on-page answer, always keep all these things in your answer, good images, inbound, outbound links, tags, keywords.

So that Quora’s bot likes your answer more. Compared to others’ answers. Otherwise, think to yourself that why will the Quora bot bring your answer up? When he already has many answers.

So when you will answer by doing full on-page. So Bot will also think that this answer deserves to be placed at the top. So that the user can read well. And the user got interested in reading. So as soon as your answer will come above.

Don’t Forget to Read This-

Benefits of Increase View On Quora Answer.

Now how to increase the view on the answer given by you on Quora. You learned this. Everything has a purpose. If you do not know this purpose. So there will be no benefit of increasing the views on Quora answer. Let us understand this as an example that if you do not know any benefit of achieving a goal.

So even by achieving such a goal, you will not be able to achieve anything.” That’s why first of all, before increasing the views on Quora answer, you should know that if the views on our answer increase a lot, then how can we benefit from this in our life. How can we generate money from this?

Because Quora will try to increase Follower and Views on a platform like Quora. So its only purpose can be to earn money. Let us know how to get good views on Quora answer. So how can we take advantage of this?

  • When your answer to the question given on Quora starts getting a lot of Views and Upvotes. So Quora will make your account eligible for the Partner Program itself. After which whenever you will answer any question. And according to the Views and Votes, you will get on your answer, Quora will give you some money. Which you can spend in your daily life by withdrawing in Paytm.
  • Once your answer starts getting a lot of views. So you can also use it to send traffic to your blog or website. By which you can generate good income through your blog and website also.
  • If you want, you can send traffic to its pages by adding a link to someone else’s blog or website in your answer. Because there are about a 500+Million users on quora. And in such a situation, you can send a lot of traffic to someone’s blog. And in return, you can charge some charges from them.
  • Here another advantage of answering on Quora is that you can do affiliate marketing through it. In which you will not even need more views. And you can generate a lot of income.
  • When your answer will get more views. So followers will also increase on your Id. You can also use it to increase your follower by sending it to other social media.
  • If you are a Youtuber. And you already have a good follower on Quora. So you can collect a lot of Youtube Views by sending it to your Youtube. Which will also help in making your Youtube Video Viral.


Quora is a very good platform. If you are a Social Media Influencers. So you need to increase followers on Quora along with your other social media. Because if your followers increase on your Quora. Which is possible only then.

When you answer a question well. Air your answer got a lot of views. So whoever will become your follower. You can use all those followers for your work on the Internet and many more. About which we have already understood in the Heading of Benefits above. Now without any delay start following these methods.

I hope you liked this post. With this, we request you that please do not forget to share it on your social handle at all. If you want to share this article on all your social media together in one click. So I have already told its tricks in the earlier article. And also share it on your Quora account as well. So that person who is worried about not getting views on Quora answers. Those people can learn how to get views on their core answer through Best to get more View post.

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