How to change language in google assistant? 2021 Full Guide

How to change language in google assistant Because The default English language is already selected in google assistant. And we have to change it manually in our Custome Language. Many people do not know the method to change it. If you are also one of them. Those who want to change the language of their Google Assistant. And you have tried a lot but are not able to change. So no need to worry because How to change language in google assistant? I am going to give you complete information about this in this post. In which you will be explained step by step with the help of complete images.

Google assistant has already been made available on your Smartphone as well as Smart home devices a few days back. And if it has an English language set. So you have to follow the steps given below to change your language.

Google assistant is a type of AI (Artificial intelligence). Which was created by Google in 2016. Which has been inserted into your Smartphone as well as Smart devices.

So that by understanding the language of Human, they can talk to them like a human. Also, whatever work is given by that person. He could complete it. You just have to order them in one way.

how to change language in google assistant

But when will you be able to order or negotiate. When you will set it in your language. If it will remain in default English. And you will try to talk to him in the Hindi language.

So he will not be able to understand your order. Due to this, he will not give you a satisfactory answer. That’s why first you have to convert it to your language. So that he can understand your language.

Note:-In this article, we are going to tell you how to set Google persistent from English to the Hindi language.

About 44 languages ​​are present in Google Assistant. But maybe he is not able to communicate with you in some language. This function may also be provided by Google soon. So without any delay know how to change language in google assistant?

How to Change Language in Google Assistant?

By the way, changing the language in Google persistent is very easy. But despite this, many people do not get its setting. Even if I talk about myself, in the beginning when I bought the Smartphone.

When I used Google Assistant for the first time, then the English language was already selected in it. And I wanted to convert it into my official Hindi language. So I was not getting its setting myself. From where I can change its language.

But then after searching a bit, I found the setting to change the language in Google Assistant. Unless you change your Google assistant to your language. Till then it will not be able to communicate well with you.

Because you can also understand it in such a way that when it is selected in default English. So he has been ordered to understand the English language accordingly. And in such a situation, if you talk to him in Hindi or any other language.

So he will not understand your language. And when you change its language and do it in your language. After that, she starts understanding everything about you. how to change language in google assistant? Let us tell you this information-

Method for Change Language in Google assistant.

1. First of all from where you do voice typing. A Google logo will appear there. Click on it.

click on google logo

2. After that in the top right corner you will see your Gmail Profile. Click on it.

tap on gmail profile icon

3. After that you will see some options. From that, click on the setting option.

tap on setting

4. Then you will see the option named Google assistant. Click on it.

click on google assistant

5. After that you will get an option named Language. Tap on it.

select language option

8. After that, your language will be found there. So I want to convert to the Hindi language. So I will click on Hindi.

select your language

When you have selected your Custome language. After that, you will check Google assistant. So the language you have selected there. Google Assistant must have changed the whole system in that language. Now your Google Assistant will be ready to talk in your language.

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How to add More Language In Google assistant.

Even so, how did we tell you to change the language in Google persistent? Told you this information. But as we told you in the above paragraph section of this article, in this step we are explaining the process of converting from English to the Hindi language.

But if you don’t want to change the Hindi language to Tamil or Telugu language. So for that, you have to add your language in google assistant. And when your language will be added to it.

So then you can select your favourite language in google assistant according to the above-mentioned steps. How to add language to google assistant? Let’s see its Step below-

1. First of all, hold down on the Home button of your Smartphone for some time. From where you open Google Assistant.

2. After that you will see an icon on the left side. As shown in the image below. Click on that icon.

tap on left side icon of google assistant

3. After that you will go to the home page of Google Assistant. After that, you will see your Gmail Profile at the top. Click on it.

4. Then you have to slide down a bit, there will be many options in front of you. But among them, you have to click on the option named Language.

click on language

6. Now you will see that the option of Add language will appear in front of you. So now you click on the option with that Add Language.

tap on add language

7. Now the list of many languages ​​will start appearing on your screen in front of you. So in whatever language you want to add language to your Google Assistant. Find it and click on it.

add your favrouit language

8. As soon as you click on that language, that language will be automatically added to your Google Assistant.

After doing this, whenever you want, according to the method of how to change the language in Google assistant? mentioned above, you can set the language as simple as you want.

Now Your Google assistant Ready For Communicate

After adopting the above procedure, whatever language you want to select in your Google assistant. You can select that language as that. But there are some languages ​​as well.

The language in which Google Assistant has not yet been fully prepared to speak. But the number of such languages is very few. It can communicate with you in most languages. When after setting everything up, you can talk to Google Assistant in the coming language. You can ask them whatever you want. She will answer you like a human.

At present, only Female Voice is inserted in Google Assistant. Maybe in the future, Google will also put Male Voice in it. Google assistant’s AI voice is much better than other speaking services of google.

Because the AI ​​of its second product looks a bit like a robot. But when you talk with the AI of Google assistant. So you will get the feeling of talking with a human, you can talk to Google Assistant as well as give work to him.

For example, put the song on. Tell a joke or play a video etc. Apart from this, Google has modified it a bit more. With which you can also get your home’s Fan, Ac, Tv etc. turned on by speaking to Google Assistant.

But all those home products should be smart and should be connected with Google assistant. You can read more information about it on the Internet.


Google Assistant can also be called a kind of robot. He will not be able to communicate with you until he understands your language. It will not be able to answer your question. which you will order. He will not follow it.

That’s why first of all change the language of your Google assistant from the date mentioned above. And use it for your purpose. If you face any kind of problem while changing the language in its google assignment. So you can comment below.

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