How to enable two step verification in Gmail? 2021 Complete Method

How to enable two step verification in Gmail then your Google mail will become even more secure. Gmail is used for everything in today’s day. From the office to school, you have to give your details everywhere. Today, from creating a social media account to taking any kind of service online. In all of them, we have to give Gmail for our identification. And if in this case, our Gmail will not remain secure. Then you can understand. In today’s article, I will tell you How to enable two step verification in Gmail? After which our Gmail becomes even more secure.

When Gmail was not bought by Google. Then some money had to be paid to use it. But when Google bought it in 2004. After that, the service of Gmail was made free for all. In Gmail, up to 15 GB of total space is given to us to store the database.

There would be no such place today. Where you would not have asked for a Gmail account. Also, all the information of all of them remains. They are all sent to your Gmail. If you already use Gmail. Then you will know its benefit yourself. And in such cases, we get to hear that someone’s Gmail has been hacked.

However, hacking things like Gmail is much more difficult. Because to keep it secure, Google keeps white hat hackers sitting for 24 hours in thousands of people.

But despite this, due to some mistake of the users, their Gmail gets hacked. For what reasons? We will also know about this below.

How to enable two step verification in gmail

But what I will tell you today or about which you are looking for How to enable two step verification in Gmail? So after enabling it, there is very little chance that any hacker can hack or access your account in some way.

Even if some people even come to know about your Gmail password. So after two step verification, he will not be able to access your account without your permission even after knowing the password.

When you will give your Gmail details to any people. So those people will access it. So even after that, Gmail will ask you for permission that your account is being logged in to another device. That’s why it is very important to enable two step verification in Gmail.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about these securities. In today’s article, How to enable two step verification in Gmail? I am going to teach you to step by step with complete images.

Along with this, we will also talk about many interesting things about Gmail security. So without any delay let’s start-

How to enable two step verification in gmail? Effortless Method

Every single product of Google is unique. Whatever service they have, it helps a lot to all the users. Every service of them is helpful for us in some way or the other. And all the products they have. It is very easy to use and manage it.

It is also very easy to turn on two-step verification in Gmail too. But so many functions are given in it that many people are unable to find the setting to turn on two step verification.

Below I tell you How to enable two step verification in Gmail? I will tell you every step of this in full detail. So that every user can easily understand at once. For the process I am telling below, your Gmail account should be logged in to your device.

Along with that, your Gmail should be verified with your phone number. And you should know the password of that Gmail. If you know all these things. So now you can start the below process.

Method for Secure Gmail by Two Step Verification

Below I am showing the method to enable two step verification in Gmail. I am teaching you that through Laptop. If you are doing this method on your mobile. So even there this method will also work. Just the setting that I am doing on my laptop, you have to do it on your mobile.  Let’s know the method-

1. First of all open that browser on your computer or laptop. In which that Gmail id is log in. Which you want to do two step verification on.

2. After that you will see your Gmail profile in the top right corner. Have to click on it.

click on gmail profile

3. After that an option will appear in front of you by doing a Manage Your google account. You have to click on it.

click on manage your google account

4. Now a new page will open in front of you. There when you will see Menu. So there will be a Home Option selected. At the same time, you have to click on the option of a security name as well. As you can see in the image below.

click on security option

5. Then slide the screen down a bit. There you will get the option by doing 2-Step Verification under Signing into Google. Have to click on it.

click on two step verification

8. Now the button with getting Started has to be pressed.

9. Then you will be asked to enter the password. Then enter your password and click on the Next button again.

enter your password

10. Now you will be asked to enter the phone number. So with whichever phone number you want to turn on two-step verification. Enter that phone number. And you want to get OTP through Message or through Call. Select it. And click on Send.

send your otp

11. After that a 6 digit OTP will be sent to your phone number. Enter that OTP in the box on your screen and click on Next.

12. Now the Turn On button will appear in front of you. After clicking on that button, your two-step verification will be completely turned on.

turn on you two step verification

After processing this much, your two-step verification will be completely turned on in Gmail. After that, if you will try to login into your Gmail in any other account.

So first of all you have to give permission for Gmail login in the other device in the pre-owned device. Whatever phone number will be verified with your Gmail. On that phone number, you will have to enter OTP while login into Gmail on every device.

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Benefits of applying two step in Gmail-

The most beneficial thing for us is that after turning to enable two step verification in Gmail, it will become even more secure than before. Apart from this, if you turn on two step in your Gmail.

Even not only in Gmail but there is any type of mail account like Yahoo mail, Rediff mail. Or in Out mail using all of these together. {Read our exclusive Post to add signature in Outlook?} If you put two step verification in all of them, then you will get this kind of benefit very much. Let us know about some of the benefits, which you might not know-

  • With this, no one will ever be able to login to your Gmail without your permission. You will get OTP to login in every device. Only after entering which those people will be able to login.
  • If you verify the phone number to turn on Two Step Verification. So whenever you will forget the password. So while doing your two step verification on his Otp will come on the verified phone number only.
  • If any hacker accidentally gets to know your login details and password. So even after this, they will not be able to access your Gmail. OTP will also be required to access them. Which will come on your phone number.
  • When someone tries to login to your Gmail device, then after two step verification, you will be given information about every activity on your device. In which you will be able to see from which device and location your gmail login is being attempted.
  • You can get an idea of ​​the security from this that when you try to login to your Gmail in another device by yourself. So you will also be asked for Otp.

How Someone Hacked Our Gmail?

In this article so far, How to enable two step verification in Gmail of your account? You have seen its complete process. But have you ever wondered how someone can hack our Gmail? Which of our mistakes allows a hacker to access our Gmail? And how can we avoid this? So that our Gmail is always secure.

Because when you already know the reason for Gmail being hacked. So you will never make any mistake. Let us know about it in some detail-

  • You should never share your Gmail login details in an unknown place. So that no one can know about your password.
  • Whenever you login to Gmail. So login in the official application of Gmail only. And if you login to Gmail in any browser. So login to the official website of Gmail. Do not login to any third party website.Because most of the cases of hacking Gmail come to the fore through Phishing site.
  • Whenever someone sends a login, always keep two steo verification on it. So that they have to take permission from you for every function to access every function. And they should not change your password or phone number without your permission.
  • Always try to have a strong password. Because there are chances of getting a simple password hacked quickly.
  • Always be sure to put Recovery Phone number and Recovery Gmail in your Gmail. So that every activity of your Gmail keeps getting information on your recovery mail.

FAQ On enable two step verification in gmail.

Do we need to verify the phone number to set up two step verification in Gmail?

Yes, it will first ask you for two step verification. So that whenever OTP will be sent to login. So for that, a phone number will be required.

if the verified phone number is forgotten. So can we log in to Gmail?

Then you will find it very difficult to recover your Gmail account or log in to another account. Because according to Google, your account will have two step verification. And when you log in to another account, they will need Otp in any case. That’s why you will always verify 2 phone numbers and keep them. Also, you will put the recovery mail and keep it. So that it is easy to recover your Gmail account after forgetting one of your phone numbers.

If someone will log in to our Gmail. So will we know?

Of course, if you turn on two step verification in your Gmail. So whenever your Gmail will log in to any device. So you will get its information on your mobile. Along with this, Google itself will give information about this by sending a notification on your mobile.


If you use your Gmail a lot. So a lot of information will be filled in your Gmail. Which if anyone will get it. Then you will be in a lot of trouble. That’s why always try to keep two step verification on in your Gmail. This Google is made to keep your Gmail account safe.

If you face any problem in doing two step verification process in your Gmail. So you can tell us by commenting below. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

I hope this article has helped you a lot. If you also want other people to know about this method. So do not forget to share on your social media through the sharing button given below.

So that through your share this article can reach as many people as possible. And those who do not know How to enable two step verification in Gmail? Those people can make their Gmail more secure according to the method mentioned in this article.

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