How to Sell Your Product Online? A to Z

online product sell

How to sell your product online? Because today is the age of the internet. Everyone has a smartphone and a network. In such a situation, if you are keeping your business only in offline mode. So as of now, you are not developing the business well. Today if you want to grow your business. So first of all you have to take your offline business online. And if you don’t have an idea about it. So today I am going to share here with you the smallest information about how to grow more by taking your business online?

Today’s era is now the era of online. All the big people have made their business completely online. All the rich people of the world. Their business also runs online. Like Jeff Bezos’s Amazon, Mark Zuckerburg’s Facebook, all these people knew that now the business is going to grow more online than offline.

That is why in time, someone took his business online and went away. So someone opened his business online. Because now people are slowly becoming lethargic. They want everything sitting at home. Now people want to open mobile and find the product they need online and after pay for ing, it, get the product directly at home. So that they don’t have to go anywhere.

online product sell

And now it has been so. Not one or two but in crores of people do online shopping today. Who took his business online and went away. His business grew manifold.

In such a situation, if you have kept your business offline only. So till now, you have not learned Advance Business Statics. But now you don’t have to think. Now I will tell you how to do more sales by taking your business online? That your business can give you more profit.

This post of ours today will be on this. In which we will tell you how to increase your business online. How to take your business online. How to sell online products? We are going to tell you about all these in this article. To too all the information from A to Z. So stay tuned in this post.

How to Sell Product Online? A to Z Guide

Taking any business online does not mean that you keep your business online and keep it online. Many people think that taking online business means creating a Facebook page with the name of your business and our business went online. But it is not correct at all.

Taking online business means selling our product online which we are selling offline. Taking your business online means increasing your sales even more. Online business means that orders start coming for our business from all over India so that our business can reach from local to a national level and people from every corner of India can know about our product.

To carry on an online business, you will need some things such as a domain and hosting, with the help of which you can create a website for your business. This is the best way to take your business online, we will know about it in detail below.

Special Tactics To Sell Your Product Online

Now we will know how to sell more and more of our product online? We will tell you many ways about this, so let’s know. 

1. Selling products online by creating a website

Website is the best way to take your business online but for, this you have to make a little investment first, you have to get a good domain and good hosting first. After that, hire a web developer and get a website built for yourself.

On which to share the product of your business, so that any people of India will know about your product and will be inclined to take it. Then will order you.

2. Collaborate with a large already built website

This is another way to sell your product online. In which you have to contact the already created big sites which are related to your product, which you can talk to through their contact page.

You have to tell them about your business. Also, you have to propose to sell your product through their website. You can tell them that if you sell our product through your website.

So he will give you commission per sale which will benefit both. Similarly, you can email two or three big websites related to your business.

3. Generate Sales Through Advertisement

As we know Google has become a very big platform today. To get your product sold through Google, you will have to take the help of their advertisement page.

Big websites like Google and Facebook provide the service to people to generate sales by advertising their business product on their website.

You will have to invest a little in this too. But its special thing is that you will start getting online sales from the same day.

4. Selling products through Facebook and Insta pages

Often you will see on many Facebook and Instagram pages that many people keep telling about the product. Along with this, they also give the button of Buy Now.

In the same way, you also have to create a page on Facebook and Instagram related to your business. Because there are more product sales from these sources. And you have to increase the followers related to your business on those pages. And when there will be millions of followers.

Then you have to share your product on those pages. By which your product will be able to reach all the people who are already on your page. And people will start ordering you.

5. Selling your product through websites like Flipkart and Amazon

Do you know that e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart do not sell their own products? All the products you see on porn websites. Someone else remains the seller of that product.

Which is also called Flipkart seller or Amazon seller. On this, simply you have to a pay commission according to the weight of your product to sell your product.

If you want your product to appear on big websites like Amazon and Flipkart, then you have to create a Flipkart seller account first. We have already given information about how to become a Flipkart seller in Hindi, you can read about it there.


So far, we have shared here many ways for you to take your business online. If you follow these methods then your business will also start growing more than before. And your earnings will also double.

Apart from this, if you have any other way to sell your business or your product online, then you can tell through our comment box. So that more people can come to know about your given idea and help them to grow their business online.

I hope this post proved to be of help to you. So don’t forget to share this post on your social media. So that if a person is still doing office line business. So with the help of this post, they will be able to know how to take their business online.

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