Top 5 Freelancing Websites to Sell their Service Easily.

Top 5 Freelancing Website to Sell their Service

Today everyone wants to earn money online. But because people do not have complete knowledge of earning money online, they just waste time online, although many people are earning up to lakhs of rupees through online freelancing. But many people are still not aware of this. There are many freelancing websites on the Internet today. But many freelancers do not know this. In today’s article, I will tell you about the Top 5 best freelancing websites. By going where you can create your account and earn money by giving service to the client.

If you have any skills. So you can earn a lot of money by freelancing online. In today’s article, I will not tell you how to earn money from freelancing? or How to Get More Clients on Fiverr Gig? Rather I will tell which is the platform where you can generate a lot of income by providing freelancing services. Today I will tell you the seven best platforms. Where today millions of people earn money by giving their freelancing services.

Top 5 Freelancing Website to Sell their Service

Because unless you are aware of those freelancing platforms. So even if you have the skills, you cannot provide your service to anyone. That is why it is very important to know those platforms before starting Freelancing Platforms from which people take digital services. The more you join freelancing. The more you are likely to get clients. Due to this your income will increase even more.

Best For Provide Freelancing Service

Below, I will mention some freelancing websites. Which is a very important website for freelancers. All those websites deal only with online digital marketing services. All these websites have traffic in the millions. This means that millions of customers will be present on these websites to take your service.

However, in today’s era, freelancers have increased a lot. Due to this, you may have to face some competition on these websites. You have to make your service gig better than other competitors. And have to rank your song above others.

So that if any client comes to buy any service. So your song should appear at the top. So that the first order you for their work. Let us know about the best platforms where you will have to join those websites today to increase your freelancing work.

1. Fiverr

fiverr for start freelancing

In my view, Fiverr is very important for every freelancer to know. That’s why I am keeping Fiverr as the first number on the freelancing platform. Because this website is very high in terms of providing freelancing services. Also, there are many people taking service on this website.

Also, its website navigation is very simple. Due to this, even a beginner freelancer can easily understand this website. Fiverr website today has 60.60 million traffic of which 60% are service takers. This means that there are many digital marketers on this website to take your service in lakhs.

All you have to do only make your service and gig superior to others. This website is perfect for starting freelancing.


Upwork site

The Upwork website also works basically like Fiverr. Here also you are made public by making your service like a song. So that those who have to take your service can place the order. As soon as the order is completed on this website, your money is completely transferred to your wallet or account.

This website will charge you a small amount at the time of transaction after the bus is completed. A special feature of this website is that this website gives you the facility to provide service like a job.

You can earn money by doing their work as a freelancer to work in a company like Microsoft and DropBox. There are about 43.30 million monthly visitors to this website.


Freelancers is also a freelancing website. The work on which people live. To get it done, they post on this website. And the freelancer who is interested in doing their work. His work is spoken among them. So that more and more good freelancers can do their work and that person can get their work done cheaply and quickly.

If you have gained a lot of knowledge in freelancing, then you can provide your service to the people by joining this platform now. You will also find the application of this website on the Play Store. This website has monthly traffic of 6.80 million according to the site price. Also, 2 million people have downloaded his app on the Google Play Store.

From this, you can get an idea that how many jobs are public on this website. More than 18 hundred categories of jobs are Available for Work on this Website.


Guru website website is also a very famous freelancer website. The special thing about this website is that people can hire freelancers in 4 ways on this website. First Task Best Second Hour Best etc. Whatever type of service you provide.

So the client will tell you how they want the payment serviced. If someone’s project is big then they will hire you on an hourly basis. So if someone wants to hire you for a project, then they will hire the task in the best way.

After completing that task, your payment will be transferred to your wallet. Around lakhs of freelancers are working and earning money on this website.

All types of jobs are published on this website. In whichever category you know. You can publish your service in that category on this website. About 1.10 million people visit it every month.


PeoplePerHour is also a very popular website in the world of freelancing. This is especially from the Leading Professional website in the UK. However, compared to other websites, you may get to see a little more competition on this website.

Also, you have to be professional in your work. Because There more than half of the freelancers are full professional as well as Institution certified. On this website, you are given money for every hour of your work.

If you are providing your service to someone, then you can charge them on an hourly basis through this website. On this website, you have to complete your service fastly. There are more than one million job posts available on this website.

Along with this, it has more than 1.90 million visitors per month. Along with this, more than 3 million freelancers are present on this website with very good ratings. That’s why it may take some time for you to grow on this website.


If you are a freelancer or want to start freelancing. So the website given above has been given for you only. All the above-mentioned websites. All of them are only and only for freelancers and people who can hire online people to work for their work. If you ever face any kind of problem on these websites, then you can contact them by going to their support page.

I hope all these websites prove to be very good for you in future. If you like this article or want to know about online freelancing among your family or friends, then do not forget to share this post with them. So that those people can also know about the freelancing website’s complete details. So that they can earn more money through freelancing in future.

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