How to Top in Exam? 6 Best Study Techniques

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Today there will be no one in this world who has not gone through some of the other tests. Everyone gives some test at some point or the other. Be it for a class or a job. But the one who comes top in the class in the exam. His test becomes a memorable one. Along with this, a certificate of the first division is also provided to him. But very few people are able to top the class.

Because most of the children don’t know how to study. That is why in today’s article, I will tell you what things to keep in mind. So that you can Top in Exam. Here’s how to top in exam? We will know about it in full detail.

Every student gives the exam. But that same student tops the exam. Who knows the real way of studying. Because just keeping books will not give you complete knowledge. By memorizing the book, you will pass the exam with good marks. But you will never be able to Top in Exam. If luck favours you, you will be entitled to the top but you will not be able to have bookish knowledge.

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All the big IAS IPS who top tough exams like UPSC. Whenever he tells how to Top in Exam. Never tell them to keep the book in it. They all have the same thing to say by adopting the right method of your studies, you will be able to Top in Exams.

But what is the technique of doing that study? This question must be arising in the mind of many students. And we will know the answer to these questions in this entire article. Today’s article on how to top in the exam? is about to happen. In which we will tell you by which technique you have to study. So that you can understand everything well. Along with this, all the tough exam toppers have been there. Today we will mention the methods by all of them in this post.

How to Top in Exam? Full Explanation

Merely memorizing books will not be enough to top any exam. And most of the students follow this method at the time of examination. Due to this, you can get the same number. So that he can pass his class. And get promoted to your high class. But the student who understands the right technique of studying. That student comes top in your entire class. 

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Today we will learn about those techniques. And I sincerely hope that if you understand the medium of studying on this. So no one can stop you from topping your class exams. So let’s know how to top those exams.

1. Never study in tension

tension photo

We all see and know that no work is done under tension. That’s why if you are ever in tension. So don’t sit to study at that time. Because whatever you study in tension. You will not remember that even one per cent. It will be like hitting you with pebbles in the sea. However, every day in the life of a common person, there is tension due to some other things.

But there is a different way to remove tension. If you sit to study and you do not feel like or are tensed about something. So after drinking a glass of cold water, you can sit down to read again. This will eliminate your tension and you will feel like reading.

2. Read the chapter taught in the class from home beforehand.

Often many students revise the chapter they studied in school after coming home. This is true in a way as well. But according to me if you which chapter is taught in school. If you go to read it before from home itself. So I think he will understand you more. In this way, only one chapter of yours will be revised thrice.

The first is what you have studied at home. The second chapter which will be taught in the school tomorrow. After that, you will revise the same chapter after coming from school. This will revise your same chapter thrice. By which you will have a complete understanding of that chapter. And if you go after reading that chapter at home.

So wherever you will have doubts. When you will teach the same chapter in the same school as it tomorrow. So you can clear that doubt by asking your master. And all this will be done by revising that chapter at home before teaching the chapter in school.

3. Study every subject continuously Every day.

There are many students who sometimes study continuously for two to three hours. And the next day they start resting. This is the worst way to study. If a student says that I study for 6 hours a day, I study for 7 hours. So he is the biggest liar. If a student spends so many hours, there will be a lot of stress in his mind.

So now it comes to how we should study? So the answer is that you should make a timetable for your studies. Also, you do not need to study any subject continuously for two-three hours. If you study a subject for one hour every morning and evening.

So you will get the complete chapter memorized of that topic. Always read the subject alternately. And take a small gap in between studies. And stay away from electronic things while studying. Keep your mobile on silent while studying and away from yourself. So that you don’t pay any attention to it.

4. Whatever you remember, write it in a copy and revise it.

In the above, we have learned how to study. Now let’s talk about which chapter you will remember. How do remember him forever? So the simple answer to this is by revision. Whenever you memorize the chapter of any subject. So after memorizing it, revise it twice in your copy.

I will not tell you to revise more often. Because by revising more often you will get bored. If you revise that chapter you have memorized it twice, by writing it in a copy. Then he will be remembered by you for a long time. And when the exam comes. So if you revise once more at the time of the exam. Then you will remember that chapter immediately.

5. After reading the book, watch the explanation of that chapter in the YouTube video.

In the above, we told that after reading the chapter, revise it twice in the copy. when you revise. After that, you must watch the video on YouTube related to the explanation of that topic.

By listening to the explanation of that chapter in that video, you will remember that chapter completely by memorization. And you can easily revise it once and remember it easily.

6. Always clear your doubts from the master.

After the above 5 states, our sixth step comes. We have already told you this thing in step 3. All you have to do is that which you will go after reading the chapter at home already. And whatever you will doubt. So the next day when the same chapter will be taught by the master.

So whatever will be your doubt, you can clear your doubt from the master. However, nowadays the era of the internet has come. So if you don’t want to wait till tomorrow. So you can find the solution to your doubt on the internet only.


In this article, we have mentioned more than 5 steps about how to Top in Exam. If you follow these steps every day wholeheartedly. So you will never need to be afraid of any exam. And you will never need to peep from anyone in the exam in your life.

If you adopt these techniques in your life then no one can stop you from topping the exam. I hope you are reading this post. So from today itself start following these techniques slowly in your life. Because many students are like this. Even after knowing the method, they do not follow it because of laziness. And the result of this is that they are able to bring only pass marks in their examination.

I hope you liked this post. Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends and on social media. So that the people related to you can know how do you Top in Exam. What is his real technique?

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