How to learn programming Online? 2021 Best Way {You should Know}

How to learn programming Online Because Learning programming is not very difficult in today’s time. You just need to be a good guide. In today’s era, everything has become online. And in such a situation, whatever you see online. All of them have some website or blog. And all these websites or blogs are maintained through a programming language. So you must be understanding the value of programming in today’s era. If you also want to learn programming. But you are not getting any idea. So today I will tell you how can you learn online programming? In this, I am going to tell you two methods Free and Paid.

To learn to program, you need to have a lot of passion. Along with this, you also need to have patience. Because to do programming, you will have to spend time on your laptop or your computer for maximum time. Along with this, when there will be a mistake in your programming.

So you have to be patient and find that mistake. Many people stop writing programming to find fault. Because if you miss even one dot in programming, then your program will not run. And in finding a dot mistake in your program, many people get worse.

But despite this, those who have the passion to learn programming. Those people don’t care about everything. Once you learn programming, you will enjoy yourself a lot. You must have seen that there are as many hackers or white hat hackers or people with web server security.

How to learn programming

All those people do their work only through programming. Those people are experts in programming. We will know about this below. Today I will tell you How to learn programming On the internet?

Before learning programming, let me tell you that for this you must have a laptop or computer. Because it will not be possible on mobile. So let’s know How to learn programming Online?

How to learn programming? In Full Depth

There are two ways to learn programming in today’s time. The first is offline then the second online, you can firstly learn programming by joining a computer teaching institute. But as I have experienced that you can only learn Basic Program in Institute etc.

Institute people do not explain you that well. Learn as much as you can from yourself. And another way is to learn programming and that is through an online website or Youtube channel.

And I will also recommend the same to you. Because here you can learn by yourself from Basic level to Advance and you can learn by watching or reading the same things from yourself as many times as you want.

And if you do not understand anything about this in Institute, then you can ask that Daught only once or twice. After that, you will be silent yourself. It remains that in which way you can learn programming?

Below this, I will tell you which websites and youtube channels are help to learn programm. From where you can learn programming. There are some websites where if you learn programming, then those people reward you with a certificate in return.

Which will prove that you have fully learned programming. And you can apply for that certificate with the job or any applicant.

Another special thing, as I told you above, is that you must have a computer or laptop to learn programming. You can learn programming from your mobile. But you cannot execute the program and run it.

Because mobile is not yet advanced. Who can handle the programming language well. As soon as you write programming on your mobile. Your mobile will start hanging. That’s why use only your laptop or computer to learn programming.

Best Website & Youtube Channel for learn Programming.

By now you must have come to know that what should be there to learn programming. Now you will know from which website and Youtube channel you can learn programming. Before that, I would like to tell you one thing.

programming does not have a language. This is a type of Subject. Within which different types of language are present. Such as PHP, Java, C++, python, etc. If you completely master these languages. So you can call yourself a programmer. Here are Some programming Language Listed in the below image.

types of programming language
Types of programming language

Let us now know which website or youtube channel you can take the help of to learn programming.

Best Website to learn Programming.

1. W3schools
2. Github
3. codecademy
4. Tutorialspoint
5. Guru99
6. Stackoverflow
8. Javatpoint
9. Geeksforgeeks
10. Oracle

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Best Youtube channel to learn Programming

From the above website you can know that How to learn programming. All the Youtube channels will be told to you here. He only teaches programming and only. There you will find many related to Video Programming. In that, you will get all the videos according to the category. Whichever programming language you want to learn in starting. You can learn by watching the video of that category.

  1. CodewithHarry
  2. LearnVern
  3. Coding 101
  4. GeeksforGeeks
  5. Gaurav Sen
  6. Code for Cause
  7. Learn Coding
  8. Mentors Adda
  9. ProgrammingKnowledge
  10. FreeCodeCamp

Best Software Where You can Write & Run Programming.

So far you have learned that How to learn programming online? Which website or Youtube channel can we take help from. But now we will talk about where will we write this programming on our computer? And how to make it run?

Computers have different software to write programming. That software is made for writing programming only and only. So that people can write whatever program they want through that software. And learn. If you are looking for a programming language application in Mobile. So you can use Termux.

All the programming writing applications are being told below. All of them will support only in Computer or Laptop only. Do not try to install it on mobile. So let’s know the name of this software-

  • Bracket
  • Atom
  • Notepad++
  • Codemirror
  • Vim
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Sublime Text
  • UltraEdit, BBEdit, TextEdit


We are writing this article only for the purpose of imparting knowledge. If you learn programming by looking at these websites and Youtube channels. And any kind of illegal work is caught in online IT. So you will be responsible for this. In this, we or any team member of our blog will not be responsible.

Because many times such news is heard that people start doing bad work based on Online Programming Sikh. Which is against the guideline of the IT government. That is why the program should always try to follow the right path of Sikh. Because there is a lot of scope in today’s era from programming.

FAQ about How to learn programming?

Will we get a job after learning programming? 

This question must be coming to the mind of many people that will we get a job after learning programming? So the answer is yes you will get it because everything is becoming online nowadays. And in such a situation, we need a programmer for online work.
In many companies, you can apply for a job after learning programming. Where you will be given the job of website management. Apart from this, after learning programming, you can earn good money by working as a freelancer too.

What is the Salary of a Programmer? 

According to Payscale, the annual salary of a Computer Programmer in green India is more than 5 lakhs. If you get your job in Multinational Company. So much more salary will be given to you than this.
Its salary will also depend on your location, in which country you have got a job? Along with this, your Salary also depends on what type of developer you are, Backend or Frontend, so you can take the help of Google for more information about it. 

If we come across any Daught while learning Online Programming. So how do you ask?

As I have recommended you learn online programming. Now it comes here that even if we learn programming from here. So if we are a Daught or a programmer is not running after bamboozling, then from whom can we take help about all this.
So there are many answers to this too. You can join Programming Forum. Which website are you learning from? You can get help by going to their Help section. And you can ask your question to them by commenting on them.

Is it necessary for us to know all programming languages ​​to learn programming?

Yes, you can call yourself a programmer only. When you will get the knowledge of all the programming languages. Because all the programming languages ​​are related to each other.
While creating any one website, you will need all the programming languages. That is why until all your programming language will not be knowledgeable. Till then you will not have complete knowledge of programming.


Here You Read How to learn programming? With the help of which software you can write programs. The information about all these has been given to you in detail above. So if you want to become a programmer. So start learning these programming languages ​​from today itself. And as much as you give time to learn it.

The faster and more advanced programming you will be able to create. If you need any other type of information related to programming, then you can ask us personally by contacting us through our email. And if you have any kind of Daugut coming to your mind after reading this article, then you can ask by commenting below.

We hope you liked this article. & If you think this article is helpful. And others should also know from this, so do not forget to share it on social media. So they can also learn that How to learn programming Online?

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