How to Play Pubg Game in India? 2021 Full Basic Guide

how to play Pubg game

How to Play Pubg-Today Pubg has become one of the top games in the gaming world. If anyone would be interested in Gaming. So he must have played Pubg at some point or the other. In this, you have been given very good graphics and many modes for you to play. But those who are Beginners. And download and install Pubg for the first time. So they do not understand how to play the game? If you are also one of them. So no need to worry, how do I play Pubg in today’s article? I will guide you about A to Z. So stay tuned in this post.

Pubg is more than 5 crores downloading in today’s gaming world. Although I have told this number only of Pubg India Game. Which that application is played so much only in India. How many players of Pubg will be there in the world.

It can be guessed only from the fact that Pubg had sold 33 Million of its Copies on Pc. Its total copies have been sold to about 70 Million including all the platforms. People enjoy playing in Pubg due to its features. Compared to other games, its Shooting, Graphics, Game mode are all great.

But due to having so many features in it, people who install this game & play in the beginning. They do not understand anything in Pubg, how to do further processing? How to turn the game on in Pubg? How to play the game in other modes? Because if there is no guide in the beginning. So Beginner Player will be entangled in its given features only.

how to play Pubg game

Although it is not so hard that no user can understand its function. If I talk about myself, then when I initially installed to play Pubg game. So I didn’t understand anything. Then I also had to take the help of a friend.

To understand its basic setting. And as I got old in this game. Slowly I started understanding all its functions and systems. Since I already had a friend to guide me. If any of your friends are not guiding you. So you don’t need to be sad.

Today’s article is going to be on this topic only and only. How do I play you Pubg? About the full guide, I will do in this article. Along with this, all the questions related to it will be answered. They will all be told to you.

So without any delay. Let’s move on to our Pubg Gameplay guide. And know all the things about playing Pubg.

How to play Pubg Game? Basic Full Information

You will also have many friends at home. Whom you must have seen playing Pubg game by making a team. In such a situation, you must also feel like joining their team and playing Pubg with them.

But after installing Pubg, its setting will not be understood. But despite this, you want to play the Pubg game. So salute to your passion, below I will guide you step by step on how to do game on in Pubg? How to play Pubg here? Means how can I do Game on in Pubg? I will tell you about it.

After that, it will depend on you how well you can play the game. I am not going to give you the knowledge to become a Pro Player in Pubg. Here you will be told only the basic setting of Pubg. With which you can play all the gaming modes of Pubg. So let’s know how to do Game On in Pubg?

Guide to Start a Game Play in Pubg

1. First of all, install the Pubg Battleground application on your mobile. (Because Computer or Laptop needs very high graphics and RAM to play Pubg.) 

2. Then after opening it, you will be asked to signup. So whether you want to be signup on Twitter, Facebook or through whichever. So by clicking on it, sign it.

sign in pubg

3. Then you will be asked for a Username. In this, you have to keep a very unique username. (If you want to start playing Free Fire. So in its previous article, we had explained in detail how to make a Stylish name in Free Fire?) So save it by entering the username.

set username in PUBG Mobile

4. Now your Dashboard for the game will be open. Many options will start appearing on your screen. Like the image below. In this, we know which setting is for which function.

  1. First option for Pubg Profile
  2. You can start any game by click on this start button
  3. You can select your game mode
  4. See which game mode is selected
  5. Other setting of your Pubg Game
basic of pubg

5. Now click on the Start button above Option 2

6. After that your Pubg game will start running in Classic Mode.

Note:- As soon as you click on Start. So first of all your 3 friends will be found. Because in one ground 4 people will play in your team. When 4 people will be found.

After that 100 players of all 100 will come in one ground for some time. And after 35 seconds the final game will start. In which you will initially be sent to land by sitting in a plane. In which you can play Pubg Game by jumping wherever you want.

How to Download & Start Other Game Mode?

How have you played Pubg till now? Know every step by which you can play the game in Classic Mode. Because in the beginning, Pubg gives us features only to play Classic Mode Game.

Apart from this, if we play TDM, Room, Arena, Arcade games in such modes, you have to download Discus Source. Only then you can get access to play this game. If you want, you can also take the file of this game mode by sharing it through Transfer. But that file should be set in your file manager.

It is better and simpler than this that you download these game modes only. Below you have been told how to download it. You follow this.

1. First of all you have to go to the Dashboard of your Pubg Game.

2. There you will see a Select mode button. As you can see in the image below of the option 3. Click on it.

basic of pubg

3. Now the complete list of that game will come in front of you. The mode in which the game is played in the Pubg game.

4. Now you can check the game one by one. And whatever mode you like. Simply you have to click on it. After doing this, it will start downloading.

click for download game mode

6. Which Game Mode will be downloading. They can see this by going to the small looking Downloading Icon.

7. When that game mode will be downloaded completely. After that, it will appear in your Select tab. So to select the game which is visible below the button of Classic. You have to click on it.

8. After that, the option of Game mode will appear in it. Or you can say will join. So click on that tab and select it. And then click on the Start button appearing below it. As soon as you click, you will be turned on to play that game mode. Now you can play it with pleasure. On which you can play the rest of the Pubg game. It will depend on you.


This article is being written only to give you knowledge. If you have any type of balance during playing in Pubg, then some of your settings are deducted. So you will be responsible for this.

A few days ago, our Indian government had banned Pubg Game (maybe for this reason) and 59 other applications. Due to which Pubg stopped running in a network like Jio. But again Pubg launched a new application in the Indian version and today its 8 crores downloading is only in India. Today you can play Pubg with pleasure through all networks. thank you


Pubg is one such game. Which everyone wants to play. There will be some friends in your group too who keep playing Pubg day and night. And seeing them, you must also have done that you also play Pubg. But because of not understanding its function well, you stay away from this game. But now you can play without worrying and understanding the game with the guide mentioned above. And you can enjoy Pubg Game to the fullest.

How to play Pubg if you mentioned above? There is a problem in the guide done at any step. Or do not understand any step. So you can feel free to ask us your questions by commenting below. We are always ready to answer you. Along with this, you can also contact us through our Contact us page. I hope this article will help you a lot in playing Pubg Game.

If you found this article a little bit interesting and helpful, then do share it with your friends. Who are just about to start playing Pubg. So how to play Pubg? They can get to know the whole process about it.

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