How to type In Hindi in Ms word? 3 Easy Method

How to type In Hindi in Ms word

Ms word is one of the most popular applications in today’s era. Ms word is one such application. In which you can make everything from Letterpad to Invoice. But the problem comes when one has to type Hindi in Ms word. Then they have a lot of problems with it. Because only English letter is printed on the keyword. If you are also having a problem in typing Hindi in Ms word. So don’t worry, you read this post till the last. Because in this post I will tell you step by step about how to type in Hindi in ms word with the help of complete images.

Ms word application is one of the official applications of Microsoft Office. We use it mostly for commercial work. Through Ms word, you can easily create things like letters, Notice, invoices and Resume. If you learn to type Hindi in Ms word.

So there are many other applications of Microsoft. In all of them also you can easily do Hindi typing. Because Hindi typing is done in the same way in all those software.

How to type In Hindi in Ms word

By the way, all these or we can say that the facility of changing the language is already provided in Ms word. But there are so many functions in Ms word that Beginners do not get the option to change the font.

Also, those people face problems in typing Hindi in Ms word. Who always used only English typing in Word. They do not understand how to type in Hindi in Ms word? And when typing Hindi, they also go to Sikhs. So those people sometimes find it difficult to write a half-word line. {Also Learn Learn Blogging In Hindi}

For example, if you write a word like, विश्व, स्वर्ण, स्कूल, परिस्थिति, then words like विशव, सवर्ण, सकूल are automatically changed by changing the font automatically.

How to type in Hindi in Ms word? 3 Easy Step

All the printed words on our keyboard are all in English. Although the Hindi language also resides in the software of the same keyword. But due to the abundance of Hindi letters, they are not printed. And for the Hindi language in the keyboard, many characters of the same button are kept.

Because of which Typer finds it difficult to type Hindi. That’s why in today’s article I will teach you to type Hindi in Ms word with not one or two but 3

three ways. Also, after writing half a word, Ms word automatically writes the whole word to it. Today I am going to tell you to correct that too. So let’s know-

With Google Input Tools type in Hindi in Ms word.

We all know that Google is the most used search engine. But apart from this, many useful software and applications of Google are present on the Internet and Google Play store. Which helps in many of our works. One of that software is Google Input tools, which we can also call GIT in short. Google launched it in July 2012.

If we talk about the function of this software, then you can translate it into many regional languages ​​by writing text in your official language.

Those who do not know much language. Or you want to change your language to another language. Or any language as its official which is called mother tongue. want to change that. So Google input tools have been created keeping in view the work of all these translates.

In the first tricks of How to type in Hindi in Ms word, we will tell how to write Hindi with the help of these Google Input tools. So now follow the steps given below.-

1. First of all you have to open Chrome Browser on your Pc or Laptop.

2. In that you have to search Google Input tools. After the result is out, the first thing to do is to click on the official website of Google Input Tools. Or you can also go directly to their official page through the link given below.

search google input tool

3. Now you will see an option by Trying it out. Have to click on it.

click on try it out

4. Here you will get the system of Typing. Where the English language is written at the top. Click on it. And after that select the Hindi language.

select hindi languages

5. And whatever you want to write in the Hindi language. Type that. As you type Hinglish. It will change to Automatic Hindi.

write your paragraph in this section

6. Then after writing your complete text, all of them have to be copied.

copy all text

7. And in the last, go to your Ms word and simply paste it. After that, you can make that Hindi text the design you want.

So in this way you can type Hindi in Ms word software through copy-paste through Google input tools. However, even here you will have a problem with half-word letters. I will tell you its solution at the last of this post.

Change the Font of MS word to type in Hindi in Ms word.

As I told you above that there are already many functions installed in Ms word software. Another function in that software is Font Changing. Microsoft is also spread across all countries. That is why they already keep the language of every country installed in their software.

So that whoever sees people use their software. So they were able to use it in their official language. Which makes them easier to use the software.

If you want to do type in Hindi in Ms word without using any third-party software or application. So for that, you have to go to Font Change in Ms word and select the function of the Hindi language. If some of you will be Beginner, then you will not be able to get that function.

Below I will tell you how to do type in Hindi in Ms word without using any software? You are being told the steps below, you have to follow the same and do the same in your Ms word. Here are the steps how to select Hindi font in Ms word-

  1. First of all open Ms word on your computer.

2. After that you have to open your page.

3. Then go to the Home section above. Where you will also see the option to select the language. Click on it.

4. There will already be Arial or any other font selected. Change it to Mangal or Krutidev 10 Font.

select mangal font

In this way, you can select Hindi font in your Ms word. But typing Hindi in Ms word in this way is a bit more difficult. Because in this you have to type Hindi manually. Hindi characters remain on all the keyboards. The function of all of them has to be memorized first.

Only then you can do Hindi typing in Ms word like this. If you are not coming to select Hindi font in your Ms word. So understand that Hindi Font is not installed in your Ms word. For this, first of all, you have to install Hindi font on your computer. Its method is given below-

In this way, you can install Hindi Font on your computer. Or after following the step, you will have whatever software you have on a PC or laptop. In all of them, you will get the option to select Hindi font automatic.

How to write In Hindi in Ms word By Hinglish Typing?

If we live in India, Pakistan or a country where the Hindi language also plays. So over there, in online social media or any chatting method, we do not talk in Hindi but Hinglish instead. Because Hinglish is easier for us to type. But in Computer or Laptop when you type Hindi in Ms word without using any tools. As we talk to each other by thinking in Hinglish.

So that Accurate does not know that kind of Hindi. That’s why if you want the Hinglish in which you talk to each other. And in the same language, you want to write Hindi by typing in Ms word also so that it gets converted into Hinglish Automatic Hindi.

So this is also possible. Below this, I will tell you a method. Through which you just have to type your letter in Hinglish in Ms word. And it will be converted into an Automatic Hindi language. So let’s look at that method-

1. First of all, open your computer’s browser. And Search download Microsoft Hindi indic keyboard.

Search download Microsoft Hindi indic keyboard

2. After that you have to go to the first website. (This website is the official website of Microsoft.)

3. Then the Download button will appear in front of that Hindi language. He has to be clicked. After that, it will be downloaded. 

How to type In Hindi in Ms word? 3 Easy Method

5. Then You will have to extract it manually and installed it on your computer after it is downloaded.

6. Then from where you select the language on your computer. There another option named Hindi will be added.

How to type In Hindi in Ms word? 3 Easy Method

7. Then the Hindi language has to be selected. And whatever you want, you will type in Ms word in Hinglish. It will automatically convert to the Hindi language. Just like we went in the first step.

How to stop automatic change word In Ms Word?

Many times it happens that we write some more words in Ms word and Ms word changes it to Automatic and writes something else. Whenever you click Enter by typing some correct word, it will automatically change to some other word. If you are also troubled by this, then don’t worry, now I will tell you how to correct that problem. I’ll tell you the way.

Sometimes when we install Ms word. Although it is already installed in our Pc or Laptop. So that function with Automatics Suggestion remains on. When he understands the character written by you and writes it for you.

Due to which he makes mistakes again and again. You have to turn off this system. Its method is being told to you below. You can follow him.

1. First of all open Ms word on your computer.

2. After that click on the section containing the file. 

3. Then you will find a section named Option at the bottom. Click on it. 

How to type In Hindi in Ms word? 3 Easy Method

4. Then all the options in the user interface options will be ticked. Untick all of them.

How to type In Hindi in Ms word? 3 Easy Method

After doing this, whenever you write a letter. So there it will select the same letter. what you would have written. Your letter will not change to any other letter. Because the function of Ms word with its Automatic Suggestion will have been closed.

Apart from this, some people have a problem that they are not able to write half Hindi characters in Ms word. For example – Shyam, teacher etc., then for this you will use the method 1 and 3. So easily you can write all these words.

But if you are typing Hindi3 in Ms word through 2nd method. So for that, you have to first remember all the Hindi characters of the keyboard that which character is on which button.


How to type Hindi in Ms word of Computer or Laptop? About this, you were told about 3 ways. Along with that some other interesting tips have been told to you. If you do not understand any point in the text, then you can also take the help of Image. Hopefully after reading these three tips, how to type Hindi in Ms word? You must have got complete information about it.

If still you are facing any kind of question in your mind or you are facing problem in any step. So you can tell through the comment below. And if you found this helpful then don’t forget to share it on your social media. So that those who are having problems in type Hindi in Ms word software. They can easily do Hindi typing in Ms word by reading this post.

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