How to increase Followers on Instagram Organically? 5+ Amazing Method

how to increase follower on instagram

In today’s era, Instagram count in the count of top social media. In such a situation, the more followers you have on your Instagram, the more famous you will be called. Also, there are more benefits of having more followers on Instagram. But are your followers on Instagram not increasing? So don’t worry, in today’s article, I will tell you how to increase Followers on Instagram organically? I am going to give very powerful tips about this. Which if you follow on your Instagram account. So no one can stop your follower from growing.

A few years ago it was difficult to increase followers on Instagram. Because our data pack was very expensive in India. And because of which people did not use social media much. And due to not being a very active user on Instagram, it was a bit difficult to increase Followers on Instagram. But today you can increase your Insta follower in many ways.

how to increase follower on instagram

You can increase Followers on Instagram in two ways. First with the help of BOT and second manually which is called the organic method. But if you want to become famous or earn money from your Instagram. Or use any kind. So you have to adopt another way to increase followers.

Because with BOT you will not get any benefit even by increasing the follower. They will be just for showoff. They will be of no use to you.

That’s why in today’s article I will tell you how to increase Followers on Instagram Organically? I will give 5 very great tips. Along with this, I will also tell you some benefits of increasing Instagram followers, how you can use your follower. To get your work done. Or about the benefits of them.

How to increase followers on Instagram? 7+ Best Method

Today I also know many such people who have only millions of followers on Instagram. But those people are generating very good income. Also, he has got a lot of fame. I am sharing all the points below if you want to increase followers on Instagram by following those methods. So.

Let me tell you in advance that in the process it means that it will take some time to increase the follower through this method, but you will get the follower. He will be a very active and Genuine Follower. And once the follower ana will start with this method. So your Instagram follower will keep increasing.

1. Always Publish Attractive Post On Instagram account. 

This is a simple matter. People follow those they like better. Why follower of any Celebrity or Politician remains more. Because people think that it is better than us. And that shows through his post. That’s why whenever you come to any photo or video, share it on Instagram.

Before that, by editing those pics or videos well, make it look absolutely gorgeous. So that whoever sees that post of yours. So they started wanting to see your second post. That is why if your post will be attractive then those who will like that post. They will become your automatic follower.

2. Use Hashtag When Publish any Post

People take hashtags lightly. Many people do not even use hashtags in their posts. Because they think that Hashtag is of no use. But it is not so at all. In its previous article, how to do Hashtag Trend on Twitter? Its information was shared. Unless you put Hashtag.

So how will your post reach other people? If you put Post. And if you use Hashtag, then who will search Hashtag on Instagram. Your post will automatically appear in it. What is he doing hashtag search? You must have used the same hashtag in your post.

Due to which the chances of increasing your follower will be very high. Your post will be able to reach many people through Kayaki hashtags.

3. Always put regular post.

Keep posting regularly on your Instagram account. Regular post does not mean that In a day are doing 10 to 15 posts. Not so Regular means upload a cool post in 2 to 3 days. So that your user is updated for your post.

If you do a post in months, then it is a far cry to increase the follower. Anyone who is already a follower of you will also unfollow you. That’s why always stay active on Instagram. And keep posting regularly.

4. Make your Insta Profile a complete Attractive & ruckus.

These points are most important to increase Followers on Instagram. As long as you do not pay attention to this point completely. So the rest of the points have been mentioned. They will all be in vain. First of all, you have your Instagram Profile.

attractive instagram

You have to complete that. Also, make it a User Friendly and Interesting Profile. Put a good Instagram bio. This is what makes Instagram bio much more attractive to Instagram profile. So if your profile attraction will remain. So other Insta users will also be attracted to you. This will increase your follower.

5. Don-t Forget to Connect Instagtam to Your Facebook & Twitter

If you follow these points. So it will help you a lot in reaching your Instagram account to other Insta Users. If you connect Insta from Facebook and other social media. So whatever friends you have on other social media.

They will easily suggest your Instagram account to them. With this, they will get your account quickly. And those people will start following you. This is also a very good method.

6. Keep commenting on the posts of big celebrities & More Follower User.

Those who are big celebrities or whose followers will be very much. Always comment and react to his photo or video. Because everyone keeps checking the comments of such people. And if you comment. So your profile will appear in their comment. And those who will come to read his comment.

And your profile and post will look attractive. So those people will definitely see by automatically opening your profile. And if your post or profile will be liked. So those people will start following you. It doesn’t cost any money to follow. Even in such a situation, there is a lot of hope for increasing your followers on Instagram.

7. Increase Insta follower by making short reel.

This is also a very good and new function. Increase followers on your Instagram. Nowadays Instagram has become very famous for Reels too. If you make good reels. And people like your reels.

So those people will start following you and die. So that if your next reels come, then its notification reaches them, that is why you can increase Insta followers by making good reels.

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Apart from this, I have not added a point to this and that is if you have a blue tick user who follows you. So there are chances of getting your follower gain even sooner than this. But for that, you have to put Attractive Photo and Video. So that if a user with a blue tick follows.

That means he already has a Fanbase. And if he is following you then your account will be shown in his following. And someone will check their following. And they will get your account. So maybe their followers also follow you. This will increase your Instagram follower a lot.

Benefits of increasing Instagram Follower-

So far how do youincrease Followers on Instagram? go about it. But do you know that how do those people who have a lot of Insta followers finally earn from Insta? So now we will know about this that if your follower also increases, then how will you earn from it. What can be the benefit of increasing Instagram followers? Let’s know-

When your followers on Instagram will increase. So people from big brands will come to you for sponsors. You can take the desired charge of advertising whose product through your Instagram profile. Apart from this, if your followers increase more than the limit.

So you will also get Blue Tick. I do not have to tell the benefit of which. Apart from this, if you have a good follower. So you will also be called quite famous. There are many more benefits which I cannot count.

Instant Way to Increase Followers on Instagram.

If you do not want to increase the follower in a Genuine way, you want your follower on Instagram to increase immediately. So there are many ways to do this too. But all are fake methods. In this way the followers you will increase. All of them will remain dead followers.

That follower will appear in your Insta account but it will be of no use to you. Those people will neither like nor share your photo or video. If despite knowing this, you still want to increase Followers on Instagram instant. So let’s know about it-

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The first way to do this is through the online fake follower website.

When you will search fake Instagram online on google. So you will find many websites. Which will increase you fake follower. You may have to pay something less or charges in return.

If you do not even do this method, you want to increase the instant follower. But if everyone is an active follower, then there is a way for that too. Let’s get to know about him too.

The name of this method is Advertisement, you have to upload a good photo and video on your Instagram. And after that, you have to run ads on that post. Whose knowledge you can take through Youtube or Google.

Then Instagram will reach that post of yours to other people. Why would you pay Instagram for this? And who will like your post? Those people will follow you simply. And in this way, you will get a real follower.


Will the followers increase once it will not decrease again?

Yes, it is not that who will follow you once. He will remain your follower forever. If you do not stay updated on Insta. Or don’t post good posts. Only then can those people unfollow you. Due to which your follower can decrease.

Would it be right to increase BOT followers?

I would suggest yes or no. If you want to become famous through your Instagram profile. So you should not use BOT followers. And if you want to keep followers for the only Showoff. So you can increase through fake followers.

Can I earn from Instagram by increasing Fake Follower?

The simple answer to this is no, most people earn money from Instagram only through sponsors. So who will come for sponsor on your Insta? And will see that if your follower is not active then those people will refuse to give sponsor. Due to this your income will not be made.


Here’s how you can increase followers on Instagram? Along with the Original and Genuine method, you also read the way to increase BOT Follower. If you really want to increase followers on your Instagram. So start following these points from now on. So that your more followers start increasing in less time than work.

I hope you enjoy this article very much. And if you think that this helpful post should reach other people as well, then do share it on your social media by clicking on the share button below. So that how to increase Followers on Instagram? Will be looking for it. This helpful article could be easily accessible to them.

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