Easy Method to Share Screen on Google Meet & Zoom in 2021

share screen in google meet

Today our era is becoming completely online. And in this corona pandemic situation, everything has happened online. Every meetup has become online nowadays from Student to meeting business. If you are an employer or then use a Google Meet Application, which is a student. So this post is quite helpful for you. Because here we will teach you how to share your screen in Google Meet or Zoom Application with another? So if there is no file on your computer. And you want to show him on Google Meet. So you can show your file by Screen on Google Meet. And this information is going to share here today.

Because of the way the situation is getting worse in this corona period. Accordingly, the governments have made everything online. You can neither go to school nor college. Nor can you hold a business meeting. Because due to all this, there is a crowd.

In such a situation, everything is being run through applications like Google Meet and Zoom. That is why we sometimes have to share our Pc or Laptop screen with others to represent something online. But those who have not used much technology. They will not know much about it.

share screen in google meet

That is why in today’s article we will tell you how to share screen on Google Meet? So that whatever we keep in our Pc or Laptop. He can show it to others in an online class or meeting on Google Meet or Zoom.

Today we will explain to you about such in full detail. That too step by step along with a Screenshot will also be provided to you. So that if you do not understand somewhere, then you can take the help of images. So read the post till the end. So let’s start-

How To Share Screen On Google Meet? Easy Way

By the way, all these applications have been made so simple that any user using them can easily understand all its functions. But we have so many people here. Not much interest in Jinkv Technology.

Because of which those people do not know about all these. And in today’s situation, from child to old age, some because of their work and some because of their studies, everyone is meeting on Google meet and Zoom application. For those people, we are going to tell this method.

In which you will be taught to share screens on Google Meet and Zoom. That too in an easy way. Those who do not understand any step, then they can understand with the help of an image. Without any delay let’s know its method-

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Method to Share Screen On google Meet.

1. First of all go to the website of Google meet through a browser from your computer or laptop.

2. Joined in your meeting there. For that, you will only need the meeting code. 

enter in the meeting

3. When you enter the meeting. After that, your entire dashboard will be open. At the same time, you will see an icon as an above arrow inside the 3 dot menu. As you can also see in the image below. You have to click on it.

click on represent now icon

4. Then you will be asked there which type of screen you want to present. I mean want to share. There you will see 3 options. Your Entire Screen, A Window and A Tab. click on anyone.

click on any option

5. Then a Popup Window will open as soon as you click. There the screen will appear like the image below. You will click on the small looking computer. Then the Share button will be enabled. Then you have to click on Share.

click on share button

Note:- Here I have told you how to share screens through the Google meet website. But if you use Google meet the application. So the way of sharing the screen in that too, it will be similar in this way. And the 3 option which was mentioned in Step 5. From there you want to show Online Browser or any Particular Tab. All these can be selected from there.

Method of Share Screen On Zoom.

Now it is a matter of telling how to share the screen in the Zoom application, brother, as I had recommended you above that you should use the Google Meet app only.

If you use the Zoom app. So the way to share the screen in that is the same as Google meet. As you went to step above. By following the same you can share the screen in the Zoom application as well.

FAQ on Screen Share on Google Meet

Can we share the screen of our mobile in Google meet?

The simple answer to this is yes because developers also know that there are more mobile phone users than computer or laptop users in our country. That’s why the developer has made these applications in such a way that this app can support both your Pc and Mobile phone. You can also share your mobile screen on meeting in these apps in Aane Mobile.

Can we also show Online Browser through Screen share?

Here many people are getting a little confused regarding Screen Sharing that where we can share the screen? Will we be able to share screens while browsing online? Because many people have to show something by browsing.

So this is also the answer to the question, yes, without facing any problem, you can easily give your best representation for the above-mentioned method by sharing the screen on Online Browsing Screen in a meeting running on Google meet or zoom app.

Which is the best between Google Meet and Zoom application? for screen share

Now it comes to the Google meet and Zoom app which is the best? Because both of them are best for the online meetup. But many people are also confused about which of these apps should be given more preference for an online meeting. I am not giving any answer here. Now what I will share below will be my reasoning. In this, it may be that I will be wrong or else your opinion will be different. So let’s know which of these two is the best?

According to my, you should use Google meet the application. Because this application is one of the official applications of Google. And Google is a brand. On the other hand, Zoom is a Chinese app.
In which the news of data leaks keeps on coming every day. And for us Indians, our data matters the most privacy. And for which we can trust Google. On the same Google meet, you can enter a meeting with more people than Zoom. Overall, you should also give more Preferred to Google Meet.


Here we have told you how to share screens on both Google Meet and Zoom applications. Because both these applications are the most popular application for an online meeting. Some use Zoom and some use the Google Meet app. That is why we have been told how to share screens in both applications.

I hope you enjoy this article. If it has proved to be helpful for you. So please don’t forget to share it with your friends. So that someone in your family is looking for a way to share the screen on Google Meet or Zoom application. So those people can take the help of this post.

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