How to Delete album in iPhone in One Click? 2022 Easy Tricks

how to delet album in iphone

Today iPhone is a very famous name in the mobile world. The price of the iPhone is also very high like the name of his name. Sometimes by installing a third-party app, new albums are created in our iPhone. Due to this our storage space becomes very little. Although deleting these albums is quite easy. But if you don’t know it. So. In today’s article, I will tell you how to delete album in IPhone?

There are many such features in the iPhone. Which is quite simple to see. But many iPhone users do not know about it very well. In iPhone. In this case, is more often seen that new unnecessary albums are created automatically in our file manager.

In which extravagant images and videos are being added. Due to this the space of our File Manager gets filled up a lot. In some albums, our own videos or images remain. So how do delete all those albums from your iPhone? Will learn about this today.

how to delet album in iphone
How to Delete album in iPhone

Along with that, some albums are like this. Even if you delete it, that album is not deleted from your iPhone. Which we can also call Synced album. Below I will show you how to delete this type of album from your iPhone.

You will also be given complete information about it below. Also how this type of album is automatically created on iPhone? We will talk about this too. So let’s start-

How to Delete album in IPhone? Easy Step

iPhone costs so much. Because in it you are provided with many types of features. If you delete any photo on a normal Smartphone. So it simply gets deleted forever. However, a few days, smartphone companies have also started launching these features on their mobiles.

So that if you delete the photo in your Smartphone. So that too goes to a particular folder and becomes storage. That was a different matter. These features have been put in the iPhone from the very beginning. If you delete any of your images or videos from your iPhone or iPhone pictures from the file manager.

So it automatically moves to a new folder after deleting it. He gives himself the name of the album. After deleting the photo from your iPhone, it goes to the folder named Image or Video album. Which you can also recover.

But even after deleting the photo or video in the iPhone, your space does not reduce much. Because it lives in a folder named Album on your phone itself. When you delete the photo or video from that album also. Then your storage space increases. So let’s how do we delete albums in iPhone? Let’s Know its method.

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Now let’s see the Steps.

1. First of all open the iPhone photos application on your iPhone.

2. After that go to the section containing Albums.

click on album section

3. Whichever album you want to delete. Keep pressing on it. After that album will be selected.

4. As soon as the album will be selected. A minus icon ⊖ will appear on that album. Click on that icon.

tap on minus icon

5. After clicking on that icon you will see the option to delete. After that click on the option Delete album.

delet album

By the way, we have told you how to delete the album. But actually, you cannot delete the album. You can only delete deleted images or videos lying in the album.

How to Delete synced Album On iPhone?

Many times it happens that we delete an image or video or any type of document from our iPhone and it gets stored again in the album. But when we want to delete that image or video again from the album. Or try to delete it. So it is not deleted from the photos or videos album.

Which is called Undeleted photo in the language online. Above this, how to delete album in iPhone? Go this way. Now we will know how to delete undeleted albums in iPhone? For this, along with your iPhone, you will also have to need of Pc or Laptop. That’s why keep a desktop with you. So let’s also know its method-

1. First of all connect your iPhone to your computer through USB.

2. After that click on the option with iPhone iTunes. Which you will find in File Manager.

3. After that click on the option with Photos. Then the option with Sync photos has to be enabled by clicking on it. And then click on Copy photos from and select Choose folder.

choose folder

4. Then it will appear in the file manager of your iPhone. Create a new folder there. And click on the Select folder.

select folder

7. As soon as you select the folder.  After that, you have to click on apply button.

click on apply

8. As soon as you click on the Apply. You will see two options in front of you. Select Remove & Sync option from it.

select remove & Sync

9. All the synced photos will remain on your iPhone immediately after selecting. It will start deleting automatically.

processing delet

Why is Such an album Create On the iPhone Automatically?

Many times photo albums are created on our iPhone without our permission, sometimes in the file manager of our iPhone. And they are made not only on their own. Rather, our storage is also captured a lot. There can be many reasons for creating this photo album automatically. And when we go to delete some photos or video albums.

So that album is not deleted from our iPhone. However, in the above, how do I delete the undeleted album in iPhone? I have told you its steps. But what can be the reason for making such an Undeleted album? Let us know about all these.

  • Such Unwanted Albums can also be created by using any third-party software. The more you share your images or videos in that software. Your album size will become bigger.
  • This can also happen because of your camera roll. And it also gets Undeleted sometimes.
  • Sometimes an album is created through your iPhone as well. Such as the people & places album
  • Sometimes albums are made even when your computer uses iTunes.

Can we Recover Again that album after being deleted?

Many iPhone users would be in doubt that if we delete our pictures or videos from our iPhone or iPhone photos. So can we recover it in the future and bring it back to the file manager? So the answer is yes, you can recover deleted photos from your iPhone. But it has time.

If you do not recover your photo at that time. So your photo will be deleted from your iPhone forever. And you will never be able to recover in the future. How to recover your deleted photos on iPhone. And what is its stipulated time? Get to know a little about it.

When you delete an image or video from your iPhone, it goes to the Album folder. The album folder acts like a recycle bin in a way. When you will open the album. So all the photos you have deleted within 30 days will be visible in this folder. 30 days are given to recover your picture or videos from the album.

If you do not recover after this period, then your photo will be deleted from the iPhone database forever. There is a very easy way to recover it. When you will open the album. And there you will see the deleted photo and click on it.

There you will see two options at the bottom. To delete and recover. You just have to click on recover. After that from whichever folder of the iPhone file manager, you deleted that picture. After recovering it will automatically go to the same folder.


Whenever a user buys an iPhone.  So he must be aware of all his functions. Because iPhones are very expensive.  If in such a situation when you will know all that function. So the fun of running the iPhone will be even more.  In today’s article, how did you delete the album from your iPhone? That you know the whole process.

Apart from this, there are many things related to deleting the album on iPhone, share with you what I hope you will like. 

Because I tell only the things that you need to know related to your subject. You must have liked this article a lot. If you found this article helpful then do not forget to share it on your social media. So that like people like you, other iPhone users can also know how to delete album in iPhone?

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