How to make a free fire stylish name account? 2021 Full Guide

free fire stylish name id

How to Make Free Fire Stylish Name id In which your player id will look very hard and attractive compared to other players. Any player is identified by his strong name. In such a situation, if you keep Id name in your free fire with a simple font, then people will consider you as a simple player. That’s why to become a Pro Player, you have to keep your name Stylish. And if you don’t know about it. Then we will help you. In today’s post, how do we make you free fire stylish name id? About A to Z information will be provided here.

Free Fire has become one of the most played games in the gaming world today. Millions of players play the game on it every day. Because all the features like Shooting Rang and Graphics have been put in it is absolutely amazing.

Due to which the players are very much attracted to this game. Like this game, another thing to increase the attraction of the player is that as many people will play with you in it.

They will all be human just like you. There will be no BOT of any kind. And 100 people can play in it simultaneously. In which we enjoy playing even more.

free fire stylish name id

But that was the matter of the game. But when we go to play this game. So first of all we have to create a profile on it. In which we ask for our Free Fire Username. And people see the same name throughout your gaming.

If that name becomes very simple then people will take you lightly. It is said that “the first identity of a man is by his name.” That’s why you have to put your name tremendous first. And we will help you with this. If you don’t know about it.

In this earlier post, we told how to create a Facebook Stylish Name ID. In the same way, free fire stylish name id is also created. But its setting process remains a bit different. About which you will know below.

Here we will show you how to make free fire stylish name id? What do we need to create a Free Fire Stylish Name ID? What are the benefits of creating a Free Fire Stylish Name ID? Apart from all these, we are going to share many more interesting things with you here. So don’t forget to read this post till the last. So that everything can be understood well.

How to create a free fire stylish name account?

Just like other games, Free Fire also has a simple setting. But so much function has been given in these games that many people do not get the setting to make a free fire stylish name from where they can change the name.

And with this, some people even reach there. To change the name but they are not able to change the name. There is a reason behind this too. We will talk about all these below.

If you make a free fire stylish name once. After that name remains in your User ID forever. Until you change it again. So without any delay, let’s know below how to create a free fire stylish name id.

Along with those methods, we have also put the image. So that in which step you do not understand. In that, you can take the help of Image. So let’s know-

Method For Create Free Fire name

1. First of all, open Nickfinder in any of your browsers and copy your favorite free fire name.

Free fire stylish name

2. After that open your Free Fire Game application.

3. After that if your Id is not login in it. So first of all login your that Id. In which you want to change the name.

4. After that you will see Profile section in your game. Go to that section. For that you simply click on it.

5. Then a new window will open on your screen. In it, an Editing Icon will appear in the top left side in Yellow color. Tap on it.

click on edit icon

6. Then you will get a window to change the name. There a box will appear in front of New Nickname. You have to put your Stylish name in it. Which you copied from the website.

7. After entering the name, click on the Diamond or Card button to confirm. After that your Stylish name will be set in Free Fire.

click on confirm name
Source- adviceduniya blog

Note: – While changing the name, click on any option, such as before pressing on any option with Diamond or Card, confirm that those features are present in your id. One more thing, as soon as you use it, it will be gone from your ID. For example, if you click on 390 Diamond. So 390 Diamond Cut will be done from your account.

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Benefits Of Create Free Fire Name

Till now you have got information about creating a free fire stylish name account. But from the past, the player must still be feeling that after all, why do they create an account named Free Fire Stylish? What are its benefits? So that’s what I’ll tell you below. Because the name is the identity of the player.

  • When you change your name from Simple font to Stylish Font. So your user id name starts looking even more attractive than other player ids.
  • When your name will look different than other player id. So people will consider you as a Pro player by name. (And when people already think of you as a pro player, it will be easier for you to kill them.)
  • When you will create an id with username like this. So people will want to play in your team. This will increase your power in the team even more.

What do We need to Change Simple Name to Free Fire Stylish Name?

Till now you have learned many things related to creating a free fire stylish name account above. But when you will be creating such type of account. You have to take care of a few things.

Because when you go to change the name. While changing the name from you, some problems will start coming. And know that problem below-

  • First of all, you should have Name Changer Card in your account to save Nickname or Paste Free fire stylish name by removing it from Simple font. Or else you should have 36 Diamond in your ID. Only then will you be able to change the name of your Free Fire. If both of these are not in your id. So you have to change the name by paying money.
  • You will put the name in the nickname. That name should be of 12 words only. Because Free Fire accepts only 12 character names. That is why do not keep your name more than 12 characters.
  • Whatever nickname you will keep. Keep in mind that your Nickname should not match with someone else’s Nickname. Otherwise it will not be saved. Because Free fire never accept the same username.

FAQ about Free fire stylish Name id

Can we change the name in the free fire for free? 

Many YouTubers or bloggers have made videos on this topic that how to change the name in the free fire for free? You can simply search your query on Youtube or Google. You can try that method. If your luck is good then you can change the name for free.

From where will I get the Stylish Name to make this type of free fire name?

Now it comes when we want to create a Free fire stylish name id which is a Stylish name. From where will we get it? So for this, you can go to Nickfinder or Adviceduniya website. Here you will find thousands of free fire Stylish names.

Can we set a Stylish name in this way in anyone’s free fire account?

Yes, you can set stylish names in this way in your or your friend’s or anyone’s free fire account. In return, your account should have the features mentioned above.


By now you must have got the information related to Free Fire stylish name. Now without any delay, by deleting the name in the Simple Boring font lying in your Free Fire, quickly start the process of creating a Free Fire Stylish Name account by the above-mentioned method.

Because many people do not postpone any work after getting information. Saying that we will do this work later. And such people can never survive in life.

I hope that till now we have provided you with all the information related to Free fire stylish name. If you face any kind of problem in the process. So you can tell us by commenting below. We are always ready to assist you. And if you use any social profile. Or any of your friends also play the free fire game. So please share this article with them. So that those people can also learn to make free fire stylish name id with the help of this article.

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