How to get your Hashtag Trend on Twitter? 7+ Killar & Working Method

How to trend hashtag on twitter

Every day there is some hashtag trend on Twitter. Sometimes related to politics and sometimes to Bollywood. But have you ever wondered how these Hashtag trends happen or how they are trended? Or how can you get a hashtag to trend on Twitter? If you are also interested to know about all these. So today’s article is just for you. In this article, I will show you How to get Hashtag Trend on Twitter? We will talk about this. You will get to learn many new things related to this. Related to the Twitter hashtag, I am going to tell you all the things A to Z here. So read the article till the last.

According to, Twitter is used by 206 million users every day from all over the world. All the politicians to big people use the Twitter account. Along with this, every day something new trending keeps going on. Twitter has made a separate section for trending. From where you are doing which hashtag trend today. You can see about it.

How to trend hashtag on twitter

But have you ever wondered how all these hashtags trend on Twitter? What is the purpose behind the trending of these hashtags? And can you get your favourite Hashtag to trend? And if you get a hashtag to trend, then what will be the benefits of it? We are going to talk about them in today’s article.

Trending hashtags is not child’s play. Having a hashtag on-trend spoils someone’s life. So sometimes having some trend also becomes someone’s life. Despite all these, there is some hashtag trend every day. And this trending is not done by any BOT but by the Twitter user only.

Let us know in a little detail that How to get my Hashtag Trend on Twitter?

How to get your Hashtag Trend on Twitter? Best Point

Whatever you see happening in Hashtag Trend in Twitter. There are different reasons for their trend. Sometimes they can be a trend due to something being viral. So sometimes there can be a hashtag trend about a festival, news, or anything. Although it is not easy to get your Hashtag trending alone.

But it is possible. How do you get your Hashtag trend on Twitter? Now I will share this information with you below. You have to keep these things in mind. And if you follow these points then no one can stop your Hashtag trend from happening-

1. Try to Increase Your Active Twitter Follower.

The most important thing to trend any hashtag is that people should be with you. That is why if you have fewer active followers on your Twitter account. So, first of all, you should remember to increase it. Because the less you will have a follower.

It will be difficult for you to trend the same number of hashtags. And you try to increase such followers. Who is always ready for your support.

twitter follower

Which will happen when you tweet a hashtag to get it trending. So your followers will retweet and share that tweet as much as possible. If your 5 lakh will also become an active follower. So you can get your hashtag trended.

2. Select Perfect time & right hashtag.

Any hashtag is a trend. So it is for some purpose. And if that hashtag is used at the right time, there are more chances of trending. Let us understand this as an example-

Let’s assume the Olympics are going on. And someone brings a gold medal. Or this time bring Niraj Chopra gold medal. So the day they won the medal. You can create this type of Hashtag on the same day- #SupportNirajchhopra, #Congratulationsniraj This type of hashtag you use at the right time.

So there are manifold chances of your hashtag being a trend on Twitter. Because in such a situation other people will also fully support you.

3. Give your follower a reason to tweet or retweet the hashtag.

As I said above, first of all, try to increase the number of a follower of your Twitter account. But even this will not trend your Hashtag until your Follower Retweet using your Hashtag. But why would those people do this for no reason?

You have to give them a reason for this. Like if they Retweet you. And whose tweet will get the most likes? An attractive reward will be given to them. You can give any such reason. This will give them a reason to retweet your tweet.

And your hashtag will start trending. But the reason you will tell them. They gave a lot of thought and gave good reasons. so that you can fulfil it.

4. Use other social media. To retweet your hashtag on Twitter.

If your Fanbase is maintained on Instagram followers or Facebook other than Twitter. But you want to get hashtag trend on Twitter. So you can use all those social media of yours.

You can go there and ask them to retweet by sharing the link to your tweet. So that your other social media follower can support your hashtag by coming to Twitter.

5. Announce your hashtag on Google or Youtube too.

Google and Youtube both these platforms are very big. Every day billion-trillion users visit here. If in such a situation, you will get your Hashtag announced on these platforms. So the users using these platforms will be able to know your Hashtag. And who will like your tweet? They will definitely retweet to support you.

However, if your Fanbase is not already created on all these platforms. So you may have to spend some money as well.

6. Try to retweet your hashtag by a big celebrity or Hugh follower User.

This is the easiest and fastest way to trend. But the chances are very less in this. When you Tweet with a Hashtag. And your Tweets will be funny and unique. So maybe a Celebrity or Politician or any people with more followers retweet your tweet. So your Hashtag trend will not take long.

Because as soon as they retweet, its notification will reach their followers. With which those people will also support your tweet. And seeing your hashtag will start trending.

7. Give other Twitter users a reason to use your Hashtag.

This can also be a big reason to get your hashtag trending. As I explained in Point 2 as an example, use Hashtag at the right and the right time. So that other people also use your hashtag without any reason. However, your Tweet will not be supported at that time. But your hashtag will definitely be used. Due to which your hashtag will stop being a trend.

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So many points if you follow. So there is a ninety percent chance of your Hashtag trending on Twitter. That’s all the points. This is for those who do not have many followers. Or not many people know him on Twitter. If this is a celebrity or a user with a lot of followers would like to get their Hashtag trended.

So they can easily get any hashtag to trend. Therefore, first of all, make a base to increase your follower. So that each of your followers can tweet for you. And maybe your Hashtag trend. 

You can also read the points mentioned on the official page of Twitter to do the hashtag trend on Twitter. On their help page, you have been told about Hashtag trending in more detail. Who will be able to explain you better.

How does any hashtag trend on Twitter? Reason Behind Trending

Till now you have learned that How to get Hashtag Trend on Twitter? But do you know that any hashtag trend on Twitter? How do they end up? How does any hashtag trend on Twitter start? The answer is very simple. But there is a lot of hard work behind it. Let’s know-

All the hashtags you see trending on Twitter. They happen for some reason or the other. If you notice, that hashtag is related to something or the other. Either it is related to some news or some man or anything.

And if you pay attention, then whatever is related to that hashtag trend is happening. News and Tv channel news of that thing is also going on.

The biggest reason for any Particular Hashtag to be trending is that most people use the Hashtag on that day to tweet. Whenever thousands and millions of Twitter users use the same Hashtag to Tweet or Retweet all the people. So that hashtag starts trending on Twitter.

Whatever the name of the Hashtag may be. Sometimes big politicians get their desired Hashtag trend done with the help of IT even by paying money.

Benefits of getting your Hashtag Trend on Twitter-

See, if you are thinking that by getting your favourite hashtag trended on Twitter, Twitter gives money or reward. So this is absolutely wrong. Even no one knows how long your Hashtag will be trending on Twitter. Because new hashtags are trending all the time.

But if a particular hashtag trends through your account. So you will definitely get some benefit from it. As if-

  • There will be a possibility of increasing your followers on Twitter. Which you can use to do hashtag trends in future. Whatever your followers will increase at that time. They will all be your supporters and very active users.
  • If your Hashtag starts trending again and again, then it will benefit you a lot. The eyes of big people will fall on your account. Due to which some people may sponsor you to get some particular hashtag trend done by paying you money.
  • If you do online marketing with a little more mind. So you can also get your product sold through your trending hashtag. Because I have noticed this in many news.
  • If you get a good hashtag trended. So you start coming into the eyes of big people. Due to this, there are few chances of you being famous.

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We are writing this article only for the purpose of imparting knowledge. If you use it wrong somewhere. And because of this, you are caught in the eyes of the law.

So you and only you will be responsible for this. That is why never try to trend hateful or such hashtags towards anyone. Due to which someone gets hurt or someone has wrong opposition or there is some wrong news.

FAQ Of How to get your Hashtag Trend on Twitter?

Is it easy to hashtag trend on Twitter?

The answer is no, it is not so easy to get hashtags trending on Twitter. As much as you’re thinking. For this, your hashtag should have power. So that people can tweet in your support using your hashtag. Tab chances are that your hashtag can be a trend.

If we make our hashtag trend? So will there be any problem?

If you try to trend wrong or Hateful hashtags against any Actor, Politician or anyone without any proof. So it is a legal offence. You can get punished for it too. Or you tend to trend the wrong news or such a hashtag that hurts someone or get the wrong hashtag trend related to the interest of the country. So this is also illegal. And you have every chance of being punished.

For how long will our hashtag be Trending on Twitter?

No one can say for how long your Hashtag will be trending. Because Hashtag keeps changing in Trending every minute every hour on Twitter. It depends on your follower or tweet, for how long your hashtag can trend. If any other hashtag comes in trending then your Hashtag will go down.


Here we have told you one of the best tips to get hashtag trend on Twitter. Because for these reasons any hashtag trend on Twitter or other social media. Apart from Twitter, you can also use it to trend your hashtag on social media like Instagram or Facebook. Hope you found this article very interesting.

And now you must have got complete information about getting your Hashtag trend on Twitter to do. If you have any kind of Daught in your mind. So you can ask in the comment below. If you found this article helpful then never forget to share it on social media. So that other people can also know that how to get your Hashtag Trend on Twitter?

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