How to add Signature in Outlook? 2022 Most Easiest Method

how to add signature in outlook

We all do many mailings every day. Outlook is a famous name in the world of mail, which is used to send or receive mail. But to give a professional look to your mail, you have to add a Signature to your mail. Today here I will tell you how to add Signature in Outlook? Because if you have a Business Mail. So it is very important to give him a professional look. So that Client Attract more with your mail. and You will get more Conversion rate.

Outlook is Email Client Software. Which manages the entire system of Send or Recieve their mail to many email accounts simultaneously. An outlook is also an official software of Microsoft. Which Outlook is already installed on our computer or laptop along with other important software of Microsoft such as Excel, Powerxl.

But many people ignore it. Because they do not consider it important. But it is also very helpful software. Big Businessmen, Big Freelancers, High Authority Websites All these people mostly use Outlook. Because in Gmail we can manage only one mail account simultaneously.

how to add signature in outlook

But Outlook gives us all types of mail like Rediff Mail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, whatever types of mail are there. You can manage all these together through Outlook.

People using Outlook mostly communicate with the clients of their business or online company or use it for their other work. All of them have to add a signature to give a professional and stylish look to their mail. So that your client is more attracted to this mail. And follow that mail.

If you are also one of them. But you do not know how to add Signature in Outlook. So no problem below, how do you add your signature in Outlook? I will tell you about it in full detail with the help of complete images.

How to add Signature In Outlook? Full information

Outlook is also used by most people for this reason. Because it is one of the official software of Microsoft. Due to this, there is no fear of our data being leaked or stolen. Along with this, not only the mail of Google Mail but also all the mails on the Internet. It supports all of them. Outlook makes the user work hard to manage many emails at once.

Many people also call a Signature a Bottom Text. In which you can put your name, phone number, address or website address, its logo in it. By adding a Signature to any mail, the Attraction towards that Mail increases a lot. Adding Signature to Outlook is very easy. Here’s how to add signature in Outlook? Along with this, I will also teach you to change the Signature.

Before adding Signature to Outlook, you must first log in by creating your Outlook account by going to your Outlook website or its software. If you already have Gmail added to your Microsoft account. Then you will not need to log in to Outlook software. Because they will fetch from the Microsoft account itself.

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Add Your Mail in Outlook.

In whichever mail you want to add Signature through Outlook. First of all, you have to add that mail to Outlook. So that Outlook can manage that mail. If you have not yet added your mail to outlook or you do not have the idea of ​​it. So by reading the steps below, you can know how to add mail in Outlook?

add mail in Outlook?

1. First of all you have to open your Outlook software.

2. There you will see the option of File at the top. Click on it.

tap on file

3. Then you will see the button to add an account. Click on it.

click on add account

4. Then you will get the option to fill in the email details. and email id clicks on continue then they ask your password, whatever it will ask for there. Fill that all the details. And click on the Sign-in button.

fill your password

5. After that Outlook will set up your email. This might take a few minutes of process time. After that click on the button showing Finish below.

In this way when you add your mail account. After that, all the functions of managing that mail start appearing in Outlook.

Method for adding Signature In Outlook.

When you add your mail to Outlook. Only after that you can create and add a Signature for that mail. How to add Signature to Outlook? I have explained its information in the steps below. You can add Signature to your Outlook by following the steps below. Here are the steps-

1. First of all open your Outlook software.

2. Then click on the File section shown above.

tap on file

3. After that some options will appear in front of you. From that click on the options button.

click on option button

4. After that many options will come in front of you. From that click on Mail.

5. Then the option of Create a modified signature for the message will appear. One of the Signatures will remain in front of him. Click on that button.

click on signature

6. Click on New and then you will be asked to enter the name of that Signature. You can put any name. And then click on OK.

set your signature name

7. Then you will get the functions to enter Signature. You have to enter your Signature like this-

  • Under the “Choose default signature” area, select the “E-mail account” you wish to apply the signature. Also, select the name of the signature in the “New messages” and/or “Replies/forwards” fields as desired. In the “Edit signature” area, write the signature just as you would like it to appear in your messages.
Create signature

8. After filling all the details in the box for your Signature, click on OK.

By following this step, you can add a Signature for your Mail in Outlook. This is what happened to add Signature to Outlook. But the whole thing does not end there. After this, we are sharing many more tips related to Signature in Outlook with you below.

How to get the Signature attached automatically in all mail while sending it in Outlook?

Going to the above step, how to add signature in Outlook? But the matter does not stop there. Now the thing comes that when we will send a mail through Outlook then how will that Signature be attached automatically in all the mails?

And if we do not want to attach a Signature to any particular mail. So how to remove the Signature at that time? To know how to do this, you have to read the steps below. Now how do I automatically attach the Signature and manually attach it? I will inform you about it. So here are those steps-

First of all when you will be creating Signature. So right there you get the option to decide this. That which signature has to be attached while replying or forwarding a particular signature to an Automatically New message for a particular email. For this, when you will be creating Signature. So there, select your Vaj Signature in New message and Reply / Forward. Also, select the email before that for which email to keep Signature automatic attach.

How to Create New Signature In the outlook for New Email??

So far in the above that you have learned how to add signature in Outlook? That was just for a mail. If you want to create a signature in Outlook for your other new mail. So its process is also the same. But you will have to make some changes to the IDME. If you want to add multiple Signatures to your Outlook other than one. And want to send by manually selecting a different signature in each mail. I am telling you its idea below-

1. First of all, add your second email to Outlook software. Whose process I have already told you above.

2. The way I taught you to make the Signature above. In the same way, make other Signatures as well. But keep the name of this signature second from the previous one.

3. Then when you will be sending a message to anyone from any of your emails. And whatever Signature you have to add to that message. For that, you have to click on the Signature section shown above.

4. There you will get a list of all that signatures. The Signature you must have made.

5. After that whatever Signature you want to put in it for that message. Simply select it in New Messages and Replies/Forward option. After that Signature will automatically appear at the Bottom with that message.

select signature

Benefits of using outlook

Till Now How to Add Signature in Outlook? All the problems related to this would have gone away for you. But still, some people may have a dought that why should we use Outlook except Gmail? What are the benefits of using Outlook? So the below, I will tell some advantages of using Outlook which will be many more than Gmail.

  • You get up to 1 Tb of space in Outlook.  Due to which the system of managing mail increases further.
  • You can manage multiple EMails at once.  Also, you can log in to the mail of any company in it.
  • Even if your Outlook space becomes full.  So you do not need to delete the email.  You can take a backup of it and keep it in other files.  And by which you will get Space again in Outlook. So that you will not even need to delete the mail first.
  • In comparison to Gmail, Outlook Software provides many more features than that.
  • If you never have an Internet connection, you can still save it in Draft by writing mail in Outlook.  And when the data connection comes, you can send it to that mail.

Outlook Vs Gmail

Many of our readers are still not aware of the difference between Outlook and Gmail. Many of our friends would be interested to know Outlook Vs Gmail. I will now compare Outlook with Gmail below and tell how much Outlook is better than Gmail. So let’s know-

You get only 15GB of space in Gmail.You get up to 50Gb of space in Outlook + Onedrive storage.
You cannot log in to every company’s mail in Gmail.You can send and receive multiple email messages at once.
You cannot write offline in Gmail.  Because without a data connection Gmail will not open.Outlook provides you with another great feature and that is to write offline mail.
You get to see a simple look in Gmail.  Also, very few features are present in it.Professional editor systems are provided to you in Outlook.  In this, many text fonts are also provided to you.
In Gmail, you have the capacity of 25 Mb Per Email.In Outlook, you can share files up to 15 Gb for one email person


Now in this article, how to add Signature to Outlook? How to Create a New Signature? Till now we have tried to share everything related to Outlook in this post. Along with this, we have also told you the benefit of Outlook by comparing it with Gmail. Hope you have got all the information related to adding signatures in Outlook after reading this article completely.

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