How to Cancel Disney Plus Easily? 2022 Full Guide With Images

how to cancle disney plus

Today Disney + has become a very popular movie streaming channel. Here you have to take a subscription to watch all the movies. But some users want to cancel their Disney+ Subscription. But they do not know its method. So don’t worry about how to cancel Disney plus subscriptions? We will fully help you regarding this. I will tell the step by step method below to cancel Disney plus Subscription.

Hotstar was completely free till a few months back. But a few days ago Hotstar launched its premium version which was named Disney Hotstar +. In this, you used to see movies of a big production like Star Wars and Marvel in Hotstar plus.

how to cancle disney plus

Now since it is a premium, people had to pay some amount to get a subscription. But watching movies all the time will not work. That is why some people want to cancel their subscription to Disney Hotstar. But they will not be able to get that function.

From where he can delete his account. And for such a reason you must have searched on Google about the Disney Hotstar subscription delete method. So without talking much we know how to do Disney plus cancel?

How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription?

If you have taken a premium subscription to Disney plus and you feel that you have done auto-renewal. And you do not want to renew your Disney Subscription the next time. So you can cancel Disney plus in this situation. A few days ago, Disney plus had brought out a show in our India, The Empire, because of which many people in our India also wanted to cancel Disney plus.

This article will be of great help to those people too. With the help of the method mentioned in this article, you can cancel your Disney plus subscription midway. If you have a Pc or Laptop. So you can cancel very easily method. But if you have a Smartphone. So still you can cancel Disney plus.

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I am telling you the methods of both below. Whichever method you like, you can try that method. If you do not understand any point. So I will also provide many images for that. So you can also take the help of images.

Method for Cancelling Disney Plus by Browser

1. First of all open any browser on your laptop or computer.

2. Then search Hotstar and the first one should be entered in its official website.

search hotstar

3. After that login take your Hotstar account. After that, you will start showing a dashboard of your Hotstar account.

4. Click on your profile in it. And then some option will come from that click on account.

click on profile and account

5. Now you have a few commands below. There you will see an option named Hotstar Disney+(monthly). Click on it.

tap on billing details

6. Then you will finally see the Cancel Subscription option. Click on it.

click on cancle subscrition

7. After that he will again ask you for your permission to confirm. You have to click on the button with Complete Cancellation.

tap on complete cancellaation

8. Then he will ask you for feedback on why you want to cancel your Hotstar Subscription. So you write something else by clicking on Other. And click on submit.

click on submit

In this method, I have told you how to cancel Disney plus account through a computer or laptop. If you want to Cancel on Mobile through this method. So you can try this method by setting your browser to desktop mode.

Or you can simply cancel your Disney plus account through your Smartphone in the way mentioned below. Let’s know how to cancel Disney plus through your Smartphone?

Method For Cancel Disney Plus by application

1. First of all, open your Hotstar application. And login with your account.

2. After that go to your profile and click on it.

3. Then some options will be shown. There you will see an option by doing a Cancel subscription. Have to go on it.

cancle subscription

4. After that one more time will ask you for confirmation. You just have to click on Yes, Confirm Cancellation.

yes confirm cancllation

So far you have how to cancel Disney plus through both your mobile and desktop? Learned about it. Let’s know about some tips for Disney plus.

How to Download Billing receipt from Disney plus?

Many times it happens that we pay to take a premium account in Disney plus but we are not able to download its receipt. And they have to see their receipt, how much charge was charged while taking Disney plus where. But from where do you download the receipt. Can’t find them.

So don’t worry now I will tell you how to download the payment receipt from your Disney plus account? Let’s also know the way-

1. First of all you have to open any of your browsers on Your mobile.

2. After that go to Hotstar’s website. And go there and log in through your account.

3. Then you have to click on the 3 dot menu button and tap on the profile section.

tap on your profile section

4. Now you will see some options. From that, click on the option with View Transaction. After that, your bill receipt will start showing.

click on view transction

5. There you will see a complete option and click on it. After that your Hotstar payment receipt bill will be downloaded in pdf form.

click on complete

In this way, all the time you have paid in Disney plus till now. You can download and see the receipt of all of them in this way. When the receipt will be downloaded. So it will be downloaded in Pdf form. That’s why keep Pdf viewer software on your mobile or laptop.

FAQ of How to cancel Disney Plus Easily?

Will the money be deducted from the Disney auto-renewal account after deactivating the account?

The answer is no, once your Disney plus account is cancelled, whatever card will be added to your account. That automatic card will be removed as soon as your account is cancelled. And there will be no chance to cut money further.

Can we open an account again after account cancellation?

Yes, after account cancellation, it remains a temporary cancellation for a few days. Only a few days after that if you do not open it. So it becomes a completely Permanent delete. That is why, If you want to open your account again after cancelling your account. So just log in. Due to this your account will not be deleted.

Do we have to pay some tax while deleting the account?

No, you will not have to pay any kind of tax while cancelling your Disney plus account. It is our right that whoever creates an account on social media or anywhere. So we have every right to cancel that account. For this, we do not have to pay extra charges to anyone.


Here’s how to cancel Disney plus? We have shared the answer to many questions related to Disney plus with you in this article. So that you do not have any kind of question related to the Disney Hotstar plus account in your mind.

If even after answering so many Disney plus related questions, there is any kind of question going on in your mind, then you can ask us by commenting below. We are always ready to answer your question. And if you like this article then please do not forget to share it on your social media. So that someone has to cancel Disney plus.

And if they do not have an idea about it, then this article can reach them through your share. And how to cancel Disney plus account? They could get this information.

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