How to Share Post on Social Media in one click? With Complete Guide

In today’s era, there is no one who would not use social media. Everyone keeps posting something on their social media. But if you are a freelancer or using social media for your business purpose. So you have to be active on all social media even more. But in today’s era, social media has become so popular that it becomes difficult to manage them all together. That’s why in today’s article I will guide you that How to Share Post On social media in one click? About this, I will explain to you in full detail as well as how you can bring it more benefits.

If you are a Youtuber or Blogger or any Social Media Influencer. Then this post is going to help you a lot. Because people like these need to use all social media even more. Because the more their videos or posts will be shared on social media.

The more their visitors will increase. But it is not possible to share the post by going to every social media manually.

From above, technology has progressed a lot in 2021. If in such a situation you do hard work despite this, then it is your fault. Because if you want to be successful soon. So go with technology and try to do smart work instead of hard work.

how to share post On Every socialmedia in one click

And what I am going to tell today in this article. This is not less than any smart work. Because after this, the worry of doing Post or Image Sharing will end completely.

By the way, there are many plugins for Blogger. Through which those people can get their post-auto-sharing done on all social media in a single click. But they will all be paid.

But for Youtuber or other public who want. His post should be shared on all his social media accounts in a single click. Those people would not have any idea. Because no such application was made.

So if you are also interested to know about how to share post on social media with a single click? then do not forget to read this post till the last because I am going to tell you some more important things in the last. Which will prove to be very helpful to a Youtuber or Blogger.

How to Share Post On social media in one click? Complete Infomation

But in that only 3-4 is given the option to share on social media. But if you are a YouTuber then you have to set up Automation Social Sharing System manually by following the steps given below. About which I will tell you below.

I am indicating Youtuber and Blogger more in this post because more social media sharing is needed only for digital marketer people. Because normal people only use some social media like Facebook and Instagram.

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But if you want to share your post or video on 20-30 social media together. Those people can do this method how. Let’s get to know about it without delay-

How to share post on Social media through IFTTT Website

How to share post on Social media? For that, you have to use the IFTTT website. This website is absolutely free. You do not need to pay any kind of money to use it. How to share Socialmedis with IFTTT .

We have shared the step by step method below about this. If you do not understand any point, then you can also take the help of Image. Let’s see the step-

1. First of all, open any browser on your computer or laptop. And do an IFTTT search there. And enter the first website after that. Which is his official website.

search IFTTT on google

2. Now you will see a Signup button at the top. Have to click on it.

click on Signup button

3. After that you will get many options, signup by what you like. After that, your account will be created on the Ifttt website.

signup by any option

4. After that you have to click on your profile. After that, some options will come in front of you. From that, you have to click on Create.

click on create option

5. Now an interface like Image will come in front of you. After that, you have to click on the If ⨁ icon. [Reccomnded- Before doing this method, log in to your social media in that browser. Which you want to connect with Ifttt)

click on if plus button

7. Whatever social media or blog post or whose post you want to share. Select the same social media in Point 6.

6. After clicking on the ⨁ plus icon, the option of the search will appear in front of you. In that, you select that social media by searching. Whose post do you want to share? (I want to share Youtube Video for now. That’s why I have selected by writing Youtube.)

search your service

8. After selecting, a small box will appear in front of you. In which Connect will be written. Have to click on it. After that, I am connecting to my Youtube. You have to connect your WordPress or other social media. which you have selected.

clcik on yconnect for youtube

9. Now you will be given a lot of options to choose which type of video you want to share. (Whatever social media or WordPress you have selected. Many options will have come in that too. You have to select what kind of post you want to share.) Whatever option you want. Click on it.

select any youtube option

10. After that the next page will open. In which such interface will be seen. Now you have to click on the That ⨁ icon again.

click on that plus icon

11. Now again you will be given the option to search. Do a social media search in it. On which you want to share your post or video. I am selecting Facebook here.

search fb and selct it

12. After that again the button of Connect will come today. So by clicking on it, connect your Facebook to it.

click on connect fb page

13. Now the option will again appear in front of you that how do you want to share your Youtube video on Facebook. So whatever option you want. Tap on it.

select any fb option

14. Now you will have another selective page open. In which you have to put what do you want to put in the title, what do you want to put in the description? Fill in all these boxes and click on Create Action.

fill title and discription

After doing this, your work is not over yet, after that again you have to click on that one + Icon. And those social media have to be selected through the above process.

On whichever social media you want to share the post. To connect everyone one by one. And once you do everything, again you will not need to come to this website. Because whenever you will upload your video or article. It will be automatically shared on your Connected Social media through the IFTTT website.

I hope the above step will help to share post on social media in one click. & If you have any dought even don’t help by image for share post on social media then You can Comment below. I will personally Help You.

IFTTT Alternative Website

Today the Internet is huge. Here you will find thousands of websites for one job. Just like what you can do through the IFTTT website. You can take the help of other websites like this to do the exact same thing.

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There are many websites like IFTTT on Google which provide you service to share posts on all social media in one click. If you are also wishing to know about the alternative website of IFTTT. So you can read the list below. Let us see the list of alternative websites ofIFTTT for share post on Social media.

Benefits Of Share Post in One Click

What can be the benefit of share post on Social media with a click. You must have come to know about this from the work above. If you use this method then you will find your digital life even easier.

If you are a digital marketer. So you and yourself will know about its benefit. If you don’t know some benefits. So let us tell you about their other work. Which explains the benefits of sharing the post on all social media in one click-

  • If you use this method to share the post on all your social media, then your most important thing in this will save you a lot of time. Because your manual work will automate this website.
  • Along with this, you will not have to spend a single penny to do this work for you. You have to setup all the cooks once. And it will do the rest of the work for you.
  • We all know that today social media is not one or two but many. In such a situation, we cannot remember all social media. If you don’t remember. So we will not be able to share our post or video on that social. Due to which many of our visitors will stay away from our service. That is why in this website you have to conncet all social media once. And after that it will share itself on them. Even if you forget.
  • In this you get a lot more systems of Filteration. So if you want to publish by modfiied a different type of post on any social media. Or on which date you want to publish it, you can do all kinds of filteration through this.

FAQ on How to share post on Social media With a click?

Do we have to pay money to do the IFTTT website?

Not at all, you do not need to make any kind of payment at this time on this website. You can use their service for free of cost. But it may also be paid later. Because everyone takes their own charge of providing service. But at the moment it is absolutely free.

Do we have to create an account on all social media to connect to the IFTTT website? 

Yes, you want to share your post together on social media to Publish. You need to have an account on all that social media. If not, then you have to first create an account on all social media one by one. Only after that, you can connect it with IFTTT.

Can we use its service through the IFTTT application also? 

The answer is also yes. If you want today, along with its website, you can also enjoy its service through its application. There also you will get the same feature. Which is given to you on the website.

In this way, on how many social media can we share the post together?

This is an excellent question. And the answer is on countless social media. All the social media’s options you see on the IFTTT website. You can share Automatic posts on all of them. For this, you just have to connect that social media with IFTTT. Because ifttt website has been made for this service only.

Can we share Direct on our Facebook page or group also through IFTTT website?

As I told you in its Benefit itself, there are many options for Filteration as well. So along with your Facebook story, you are given the option to share it on your Facebook page as well. But you cannot share in a Facebook group through IFTTT.


If you are neither a blogger nor a Youtuber, then still this post can be of great use to you. Well, this post is taking a long time to read. But when you process it. Then you will find it easy yourself. Maybe somewhere on the IFTTT website, you may have problems with something.

Because sometimes while connecting a social media or while concentrating on your WordPress dashboard, you may face a little login issue. So you can find its solution by visiting the help page of their website. If you face any kind of problem in processing. So you can ask by commenting below.

If you find any other website like IFTTT on the internet then you can tell in the comment below. We will add it when we update this article. I hope this article has helped you a lot. If you think more people should know this article too.

So do not forget to share it on your social media at all. So that if someone How to share post on Social media in one click? If you must be looking for about it, then this article can reach them through your share.

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