How to Recover Unsaved File Easily in Ms Word, Excel, PowerPoint?

How to Recover Unsaved File In Ms Word? Many times it happens in Ms word that we create a file for many hours. And in a hurry, we accidentally minimize it. Without saving your file. In this way, our hard work goes in vain. But there is a way if you close the windows without saving any file in your Word, or Powerpoint or Excel-like software. So you can easily recover that file. In today’s article, I will tell you How to Recover Unsaved File Easily in Ms word? We will teach you complete information about this with Screenshot.

When we prepare a file after so much effort. And after being fully ready, that Windows gets closed from us by mistake. That file without saving. Then it seems that all our hard work has gone in vain. And those who do not know How to Recover Unsaved File, those people again create the same file by putting in their time. Which we can recover the unsaved file in just one minute.

In this way, I am telling you about how to recover files from Ms word? Not only in Ms word, but in more than half of Microsoft’s software, you can recover the file in the same way. Because there are all kinds of software like this. The way to recover unsaved files in all of them is in the same way.

How to recover unsaved file

Many times it happens that we keep working on our computer or laptop by opening many windows. And when any Windows work is done. And we want us to close all the windows except the working windows.

So that your device works even faster. Because by keeping many windows open in the same device, our device starts working a bit slow. Here Device means your Computer or Laptop.

And in the process of closing the same Unused Windows, we also close our windows. In which we were preparing a file or any important document. After which we start feeling very sad.

Because those who do not know how to recover it, will regret it because their hard work was washed away. But this article will help you to recover that unsaved file.

In the below, we will know How to Recover Unsaved File? And the method I will tell will only take a few seconds. and will recover your file.

So without any delay let’s know how to recover files from Ms word-And at the same time I will teach you how to do Auto-Backup On of your created file every minute? So that whatever you make in any Microsoft software, its automatic backup keeps taking that software.

How to Recover Unsaved File On Ms word? Easy Trick

From making as many Invoices to preparing any kind of text document. Software like Ms word and Excel has to be used. All these software are used a lot in big digital companies.

But everyone is human. And the fault lies with humans. There will be no such people from whom the Windows would have been closed without saving any created file at one time.

But 7 out of 10 people will not know How to Recover Unsaved File? Even a few months ago I did not even know this method. But when I was teasing the function of Ms word. Then I came to know about this setting.

Many Useful Software like Ms word, Excel, Powerpoint is software created by Microsoft company. And keeping in mind its users, Microsoft has put many unique features in it. You just have to know about those features.

Like in the previous question,How to type In Hindi in Ms word? We had to go about Similarly, in this article, How to Recover Unsaved File from Ms word? We will learn how to do this. Below you are being taught its step by step point. If you do not understand any step. So you can take the help of the image provided with it.

Here you have to note one more thing that if your auto backup will not be there. So your file may not be recovered. However, here too you have nothing to worry about. Because auto backup is already on in this software. Despite this, we have told you its method below. Let’s know the steps-

Step By Step Point to recover unsaved File

1. First of all turn on your computer or laptop. In which You are Making That file.

2. Again Open that application of yours. In which you were creating a file or document. And he closed Windows without saving. (Here I will show you those tricks as an example in Ms word software.)

3. After that select a blank page. For that you can New>>select Blank Document. (Because in the same blank document your file will be available.)

4. After that you will see an option with File in the top left corner. You have to click on it.

tap on file tab

5.Then many options will come in front of you. Out of that, you will also get an option by Info. This option will be in all software. (In whatever software you are recovering the file). So click on the option with that information.

click on info

6. After that 4 options will come in front of you. Out of that, on the third option in which Manage Document will be written. Have to click on it.

click on manage document

7. On clicking, 2 more tabs will appear. There you will get the option by doing Recover Unsaved Document and Delete All Unsaved Document, on the 1st option out of which Recover Unsaved Document will be written. Have to click on it.

recover unsaved file

8. After that the tab of File Manager will be open in front of you. All those files will be there in it. The file you created. and was left unsaved by mistake. So whatever file you want to recover. Select that file by single clicking on it. And click on the open one below.

select and open unsaved file

9. After that that file will come in your Ms word or that software. From which you were creating that file. After that you save it in your file by pressing CTRL+S.

Note:- In the above, I have told you how to recover files, I have taught you how to recover in Ms Word software. Same way, all the software of Microsoft such as Ms Excel, Ms Powerpoint, etc. can recover files in such away.

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How to Enable Auto-Backup On Ms word?

Till now you know How to Recover Unsaved File from any Microsoft software? You learned about it. But as I told you above, if you do not keep Auto-Backup On in all these software.

So you probably will not be able to recover the file. However, along with this, we also told you that all these software already have the auto backup option on. But for confirmation, you should check it once.

Below I am telling you how to do Auto backup on below. If setting in your software in the same way. So that if for some reason just your option is not On. So you turn it on. Let’s know the way-

1. First of all open Ms word software in your computer or laptop. (If you want, you can use these tricks in any software of Microsoft. After that the system of Auto Backup will be enabled in that software) (Here we are telling the tricks using Ms word.)

2. Now you are the one with the file. Click on File Tab. Which you will find in the top left corner of the software.

tap on file tab

3. Then some options will open in front of you. From that you have to click on the option.

tap on option

4. Then a new tap will open in your Windows. Many options will come in it. There you will see a Save option. Click on it.

5. Now you have to set up all the auto-recovering systems here. First of all, the option with Save AutoRecover Information Every has to be turned on.

And write 1 in the box. (This will keep that software backing up the file you are creating every minute. After that in the box appearing in the AutoRecover file location, you can change the path and keep the path in which you want to keep the unsaved file.

click on ok

Apart from this, you can read more options and see according to your own. But our work was the only one so we only told you this. And finally, click on OK. After that, your system with the auto backup will be enabled.

(Note:- This option is already on in all software. And every 10 Minute default is put there. However, you check once. If it is not there, then turn it on)

FAQ about How to Recover Unsaved File On Ms word?

Is it necessary to have Auto Backup On to recover files?

Yes, it is very important to have your auto-backup on to recover any unsaved files. Because until it is not on, your software will not get that permission to save your unsaved file. That’s why I have also told above how to do auto backup on.

Can we change the path of the unsaved file?

Whenever an unsaved file is saved in your file manager. So it is saved in its path. Meaning that the path which you are indicated in the software. That file gets saved by going to the same file manager. If you want, you can change the folder where it is saved. You can change the path in the software through the steps given below.

Do unsaved files also cover the space of our hard disk? 

Whenever a file is saved in our file manager. So it definitely covers some space of your hard disk. Even after deleting that file, the space remains occupied. As long as you delete it from the recycle bin too. That’s why whether you keep the file as saved or unsaved, it will cover the space in your file manager. If that file is lying in your file manager.

Can we recover files in the same way in other software as well?

No, in this way you cannot recover files in every software. Now you would think that in software like Photoshop or Outlook, recover the file in this way. So it’s not possible. For all those software there is some way to recover the file.


If you close Windows without saving any file. And your file recovery is not being done by the above-mentioned method. Or your file is not being found on that path. Where we told So it means that your Auto Backup is not On.

And even if it is On, then your file manager is completely full. Although all this happens only in very few chances. In today’s era, the computer or laptop we buy from the market. Hard disk gives at least 1TB in it.

After reading the above method, if any of your files get closed without being saved. So now you will not have to worry.

I hope this has helped you a lot in recovering the file. I keep bringing such helpful articles for you here every day. That’s why I will turn on Notification.

And if you use social media. So do not forget to share this article on those platforms at all. So that this article can reach all the people through your share. Those who use software like Ms word. And through this article, know how to recover unsaved files in Ms word? Hope you enjoy this post.

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