How To update Windows 10 in Computer? Step By step Full Guide

How To update Windows 10 in Computer

How to Update Windows In Our Computer in which if any new version of your Windows comes. And if you do not update, then what are the features given in its updated version. Or will not be able to take advantage of its latest version. Along with this, sometimes you will be given a notification in the middle while using your computer or laptop. That is why you should always keep your Windows up to date. If you don’t know how to update Windows.

So there is no need to worry about it, in today’s article I will tell you How To update Windows on our Computer? I will share this information with you. Along with this, I will provide you with information about some more interesting facts.

Every month some update keeps coming in our computer or laptop. Which, if you do not have a Manually Updating System on, then as soon as your internet is connected, it starts sucking your data at a great speed.

Due to which your data will end very quickly. Along with this, if a Windows update comes. And you do not update it. So after this, your data also starts spending more than before.

Whenever any Windows update comes for our Computer or Laptop. So it means that more and better function than before is being given to you in the new update.

How To update Windows 10 in Computer

Because the update of Windows is brought only so that users can use the best function. In today’s article, I will show you How To update Windows on our Computer? I will share this information with you.

Along with this, if your Windows starts updating automatically. Due to which your data starts getting exhausted. So how to do manually auto-update in windows system? We are going to learn its method here too-

How To update Windows in our Computer? Step By Step

From above, you think that our computer is working in a simple way. But many people in the backend are working to keep your computer safe. This thought must have come to your mind that when our computer or laptop is running well.

So why does Windows update come frequently? The answer is that whenever a Windows update comes, either a bug is fixed in it. Or some extra function is added. Which you can enjoy that function only after updating Windows. No one needs to learn programming to do Windows Update. Anyone can update this.

Sometimes it happens that a Windows update comes. But we do not know about it. So this will also be told to you in our below-mentioned method.

With which you can check whether any kind of Windows update has come recently. Or is it your Windows Update? And if not, then you can update it according to the way mentioned below. Images are also being given to you at the bottom, that is why you do not understand any points anywhere. So you can take the help of images. Now let’s know the way-

Steps For Update Window in Our Laptop or Computer.

1. First of all turn on your computer or laptop. 

2. If you are using Windows 10.  So a search bar will appear in the bottom left corner.  Click on it. 

type on search bar

3. Then write Windows update in its search bar.  And you will get an option named Windows Update Setting.  Click on it.

4. Then a button of Check for the update will appear on your screen, you have to click on it.

select windows update

5. After that, if someone new update has come in your windows.  So there it will write Update Available.  Which you can update that update by clicking on the button Download or Install.  And if your Windows will be updated.  So instead of Update available, you will see No Update.

click on download

How to Setup Manully Windows Update in laptop & Computer?

If ever any Windows update comes in your computer. And you do not update it. So whenever you connect internet connection in your commuter. So it automatically starts updating Windows.

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Due to which your data will start being spent even faster. And whenever an update of Windows comes. So it would not have been one or two MB. Rather, the update of Windows is quite a lot of GB.

That is why if you do not want your Computer to update Windows itself without your permission. So you can do the below-mentioned setting on your computer. After that, your computer will stop having Windows update automatically. And Windows will update only when you want it. Let us know its setting below-

1. First of all turn on your computer or laptop. 

2. If you are using Windows.  So a search bar will appear in the bottom left corner. Tap on it. 

type on search bar

3. For that you have to type Services.  And after that, you will get a Services option at the top.  Have to click on it.

search service & click on it

4. After that by clicking CTRL + F, type Windows in it.  However, CTRL + F does not work here on many devices.  So you type Simple W. 

5. After that all the programs starting with W will be there.  He will come before you today.  After that, you have to find the option of Windows Update.  Which you will get easily. 

6. After that double click on that Windows Update option.

double tap on windows update

7. Then there you will get the option of a Startup Type.  If you see it in front of it, Automatic (Delay start) will be selected.  Have to click on it.  And he has to select Manual.

apply manual maethod

After that Windows will update only when you want.  Even if there is no latest update.  Unless you do Windows update manually.  Your Windows will not update.

FAQ about Window’s Update In laptop

Will our data lying in the previous Windows also be deleted after updating Windows Update?

No, not at all, whatever your data will remain in the Previous Version of Windows. The Same 2 Same will remain the same after updating Windows. Any type of data will not be your loss. As such you do not need to worry about it.

Can I reinstall the previous Windows once I have updated Windows?

No, whenever you update your Windows once. After that which version of Windows are you using? You can get this information by going to the details of your computer.

If you want to use any other version of Windows. So it’s not possible. Yes, whatever Windows update will come in the future. You can easily update it and use it. But can not reinstall the previous Windows update.

Does the interface of our computer also change after updating Windows?

The answer is both no and yes. Because whenever a Windows Update comes. So in this, we do not know what function has been upgraded in the new update.

Although you can read its information on the official website of Windows. Sometimes in new windows update. Maybe the whole interface will be changed. However, as many updates come. We do not get to see much difference when we update most of the windows.

That’s why you should not worry about changing the interface. If any kind of upgrade is also careful, then this time you will get to see a better interface than before.


When an update comes into our system. And even then you do not update Windows. So while working on your computer, you will continue to give notifications to your computer in between.

Also, if you do not update Windows, then this makes it even easier for hackers to enter your Computer. Because when a Windows Update comes. So the people working in the security of your computer start securing the new Windows. If in this case, you will use the old version only.

So those people will not be able to secure his bug. That’s why whenever a Windows update comes. So always try to keep your Windows up to date. And this article of ours will help you in this.

I hope that this article of ours How To update Windows in our Computer or laptop? Would have helped you a lot. If any of your friends do not even know how to update Windows. So you can share this article with them by clicking on the share button below. After which they can learn to update Windows in their commuter with the help of this article.

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